Showing Off 1999

This is the seventh year for my animated light display. The 1999 display took ten days to install. The display includes nearly 14,000 lights, many of which are hand-painted to achieve the desired color. The animation requires about 200 extension cords to connect the lights to the programmable logic controllers. This picture is a time lapse photo of the display.

New for this year is a 1500 bulb millennium ball that descends from nearly 40 feet above the ground. The display also includes favorites such as the snow-skiing snowman and football and basketball sequences. The display is located at 1501 Glendale Avenue, Ames, Iowa. Happy Holidays! Andy Venzke [email protected]

Our display has increased from 10,000 to 15,000 lights for 1999. Thousands of Christmas visitors pass through our gates nightly bringing the atmosphere that all people who light up their homes tend to recognize and love. Our wishing well this year is proving extremely popular with the money going to the Children’s Starlight Foundation. We found that people wanted to donate a coin in appreciation of all our hard work, and we then decided to donate the money to a charity of our choice. The Children’s Starlight Foundation grants wishes to terminally ill children and their families and help to make a wish come true. Thanking You and Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2000. Regards Kerrie & Livio Piva. ( (Australia)
Here is a picture of The D’ambrosia family Christmas display. He is also on Teri Court. His display boasts about 20000 lights and a 40 foot Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2000 hand made lighted sign. He can be reached at [email protected].
Here is my final picture, of my brothers house also on Teri Court. His display has numerous lawn decorations and lights. His email is [email protected]. His name is Brian Bisignano

This is for the Bisignano Family Christmas Display at 4 Teri court, Jackson, NJ 08527. The display has over 25,000 lights, 24 moving dolls and a life-size Santa and Ms. Claus. There are over 80 lawn decorations, including a marching band, cannon, deer, angels, horses sleds, soldiers, nativity, choir, Mickey mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Goofy, Santa and 8 reindeer flying, penguins, etc. The display is over 300ft long, so I split into 2 pictures. If you can only put one up, please use the house picture. This is our third year decorating and we are going for 40000 lights next year. My email is [email protected]
Attached is a picture of part of my light display. This is my third year putting up a large display. This year I have 6620 lights with hopes of 10,000 next year. (at least) I have an 8ft tall reindeer (1) and and 8ft tall Snowman. Also included in my display are smaller snowmen, reindeer, penguins, Christmas music and a nativity scene. I am collecting donations for the second year.

Check out my web page at

Here is one more house from Citrus Heights, California.
Geoff and Shelly of Orangevale 19,700 lights. 130

hours of work.

This is our second year decorating our house, we have thousands of mini light, 200 C9 lights, blow molds, and moving dolls and a nativity scene, 10 foot wooden soldiers and 4 man made archways. Plan on expanding every year. We are located in Jackson New Jersey.

Vinny Scalisi [email protected]

Last year, my husband won 2nd place in our area lighting contest. Actually, he only bought me the ladder and held it once. Anyway, his comment was, “when you are lying in the middle of the ring at the end of the round, they don’t give you a prize for coming in 2nd….you will just have to try harder next year.” My husband died unexpertly this past April. He had promised to build a light fountain for this years display and so some of his friends pitched in and built it in his memory. Last year there were 12,000 lights. This year, I have added an additional 10,000. I live on the shore of Lake Superior, which gives an awesome background when the waves are crashing. There are five 40 to 60 foot blue spruce all lit with over 1500 mini lights each…..all the way to the top. The fountain is 20 feet tall and contains 2000 white mini lights. Seven deer, a sleigh, 30 sets of icicle lights, 10 sets of net lights, snowflakes and stars. 3 penguins and 3 Christmas geese, 11 lit arches all done in mini lights. I used emerald green accents. Music by Mannheim Steamroller. The lights have been on since Nov. 29th. (5 p.m. to 11 p.m.) Am averaging 100 to people walking through each night. Hope to have picture posted on my web site at in the next few days. Marcia Hales, 3739 Lake Avenue South, Duluth, MN 55802
This is my 3rd year with my display.

Scott Capelo

This is a picture of my house last year. I made the sleigh myself and next year I will make a nativity scene too. I have about fifty sets of lights up on this picture . I try to add more each year. Thanks You Troy Banks Reno Nevada [email protected]
One of the brightest spots in Long Beach California these days is the 5900 block of Coke Ave. Where the Lambert and Nadal families deck their houses with a combined 16,500 Christmas lights. On the left, the Lambert’s, on the right the Nadal’s. Our mega Christmas displays unite at the light pole in front of our homes. The light frenzy begins the day after Thanksgiving. The phrase around here is “MORE LIGHTS.” After it is all done we look at each other and say “NO MORE LIGHTS.” We love decorating for Christmas! Your welcome to email me anytime. . Check out our website at Christmas tree lane on Coke Avenue or email Lynn Lambert
We live in Adelaide, South Australia and have been doing a Christmas display for the past two years. Lots of things we have imported from the Christmas Factory in Tennessee. We have also made a lot of wire figurines ourselves this year. This years display is totally run using the computer and DasherCR, the light display is synchronized to music and runs for 24 minutes before restarting. Our web page is Email address is [email protected]
Citrus Heights, CA. Robin Gage and Judy K designed this masterpiece. 6000 lights, 30 extension cords, 8 Timers, 15 handmade decorations, over 200 hours and a trip to Anaheim from Sacramento; to pick up the decorations. A dozen or more trips back and forth to the hardware store for more stuff. We just bought this house in June; it’s our first. Couldn’t wait to decorate it for Christmas. More things will be added next year. More pictures

This is a picture of our 1999 display. It consists of 5,100 mini lights. Not pictured because of late production are 2 5′ tall toy soldiers with C7 bulbs and 2 lighted trees. I haven’t included those bulbs in my counting. Next year I plan to have at least 10,000 Mini lights.

Check out to order the latest Bisons merchandise on-line.

Here is Peter Jolly’s place. Waratah Village, Turton road, Waratah, Newcastle, Australia Believed to be the largest Christmas lights display in Aus. It features an 18foot tall waving Santa Claus, an 18 piece Nativity set, a 12foot tall X 72 foot long train,15 foot tall 15foot tall rocking horse that rocks, a 30foot long moving see.saw complete with animals and 3 x 3D 10foot bears to name just a few of the attractions. Using over 90 thousand globes and 10thousand meters of cable it is lit from early November to New Years Day each night at 8pm to midnight It has been built by local craftspeople. Kay McFarlane designed and painted it , Gary O’Brien from A to Z Fabrication did the construction and Duncan Kerr Electrics lit it. It was financed by the centers owner, Robert Rockefeller and has to date cost in excess of $350,000 It is being added to each year. Email Peter at [email protected]
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