Showing Off 2002

I live in Marriot Way Morley, PERTH, Western Australia and I have
for my 11th year display of 44000 lights, being one of the 1st 5
people who started all these displays in Perth,,, and I raise money
(Approx $5000 each year) every December for the Children’s Hospital
here, many 1000’s of people file past this big display every Xmas,
over the last 11 years, this year 2003 I have added a new dimension
to the display 15 meters high from the ground , included in the
evening sky part of the display,, there is Santa’s wishing well at
the front gate for people to donate to the Princess Margaret
Hospital Fund for sick Children and every year, Santa arrives by
Fire Engine with a Police escort with lights and sirens
blaring,,,,lollies for the little kids are given out by Santa with
helium balloon’s and sparklers,,,then the raffle prizes are drawn
for al those who donated $5 or over,,,,we have around 100 prizes to
give away,,,,,,a great scene and story can be followed on this
Webpage address, and linked to now a second page,,,,


“The House of Roe” Christmas
lights Display…
John F Roe.
Bill and Cindy
Miller display in McKenzie,Tn. This year we have 50,000+ mini lights,110
Blowmolds,5 hand made wooden buildings,9 life size mannequins, many
wireframes and an inflatable. We have been decorating for twelve years
and have grown from 2000 lights and four blowmolds to our present
amount. Many people stop by and take videos and pictures. We have been
on five different TV stations and a special on Christmas lights on PBS
this year. We plan on increasing our display and updating the animation
this next year Happy Holidays to all.

[email protected]
Here is our Light
display in Holland, Ohio. This year we have 34,000 lights up. They go
all the way around the house. Last year we had 20,000 lights so this is
a good increase. Happy Holidays. From The Bixlers.

[email protected]
This is the
Scalisi’s Christmas display on Teri Ct, In Jackson New Jersey. We
feature over 40,000+ lights, including animated 20 foot train, and an
animated horse and carriage, and an animated bell. Life size nativity
scene, 4 man made arches,10′ Merry Christmas candy cane arch, and a 20 ‘
Happy Holiday sign. Mr & Mrs Claus, Frosty, Santa, and Rudolph
blowmolds, 50 soldiers, 2- 10’ wooden shoulders, carolers, skaters, and
many many more wire figures including the misfits, and soldiers, and
deer. 3D fading star, and moving angel. Also over 1000 feet of rope
light, waving Santa, angels with moving wings, and moving deer, and an
oversize present. Vinny Scalisi,

[email protected]
We are a retired couple in Florida. My husband has installed a
separate electrical panel to run all our lights. Our lights are on a
master timer so they all come on at once. Our home is on a corner so
we decorate three sides as well as the median in front of our home.
We do all the work our selves. The neighbors as well as grandkids
love it. Every year it takes us a bit longer, this year we started
two weeks before Thanksgiving. We have over 100 light sculptures, to
many twinkle lights to count, a heard of deer, my favorite an six
foot lighted America flag on the roof as well as Santa, sleigh and
his reindeer…….and so on and so on!!
Merry Christmas to ALL! Donna Lotts

[email protected]
Our house is located in Yuma, Az. The display is 245′ wide (the
house is on two acres). There is over 40,000 lights this year, with
plans of adding more next year. Display consists of mini’s, icicles,
600′ of rope, C-9’s, nine lighted deer’s & 2,000′ of extension
cords. Hopefully next year we can go computer controlled. This
picture was taken from over 400′ away. Merry Christmas! Butch & Kim

[email protected]
I’ve been at this house for four year and been doing the light
display since. I try to add to it every year. I’m currently around
15,000 lights. Many people stop by and take video and pictures. Kids
just love it. Have yourself a Merry Christmas.
I also have a website
I’m located in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

[email protected]

This is our Christmas light display at 35 Allambee Cres, Blue Haven,
We nominate a local kids charity each year for donations. My two
young kids help me with this display each year, they are 9 yrs & 11
yrs old….they handed candy cane to everyone… Regards
Jacki Boyce, Mishanne, Erin- Jae

[email protected]

In 2001 the big tree was missing I added it this year. 2003 is going
digital I have placed second in the town lighting only to find my
self beat by city counsel members hmmmmmm . Next year with your help
at PlanetChristmas my yard will have gone mad. I am very excited
about my discovery of the digital world I love computers and have
found a hobby in combining it with my enjoyment of Christmas lights.
I am somewhat glad I didn’t discover this before I started this year
I was a bit strapped for time.
Thanks Corey Johnston

[email protected]
are a retired couple living in North Carolina and start decorating our
home each year in SEPTEMBER of each year. During the season, it is
thought of as the Disneyworld of Havelock, a small town on the southeast
coast of NC. We wake up and go to sleep looking outside only to find
folks videotaping the home, and ringing the doorbell asking if they can
have their kids run in the yard – or, when the lights are off, we are
asked to turn them on – neighbors and strangers, alike. We love every
minute of it .We use approximately 500 strands of lights on our home,
start lighting in October, and this has been a tradition since I was a
young girl. When we retired from NYC and started to decorate our NC home
as we always did in NYC, few neighborhood homes participated. Now three
years later folks tell us they have started to decorate the exterior of
their homes after getting inspired by ours. It is now enjoyed by us, our
five children, and four grandchildren and stops traffic on our block. We
also was profiled on the local news. With the end of each season, we
take down the lights and I pack them enclosing a letter to Jesus Christ
thanking him for the season, my family, my life – everything….and
asking that He brings our family together for the next season. I now
have 40 years of letters and continue to be blessed!

Essie Lowe (Cynthia Briggs is my daughter)

[email protected]

Mike and Rose Zwicker, Riverside CA. We have
about 9,000 lights. We add more every year. This is our 5th year
decorating like this. We have a big yard so it is hard to get a good
picture of the entire area.

[email protected]

This is my 7th year of lighting-up and is the biggest year yet with
a grand total of 8117 lights. All but a small handful have been
imported from the States to here in South Wales, UK, and are powered
from our 240 volt supply with three very large transformers.
Featuring 1300 of the new extra-low-power LED lights in the bushes,
a whole pile of red, blue, maroon and purple Miniature, “Swag-style”
and Icicle lights, and for the first time ever here,
computerization! Four microprocessor-controlled Computerized
Light-Trees in gold and green that change color, chase and dance in
custom programmed effects, each topped with a green xenon strobe
For more information, photos and an almost-complete archive of this
and all of my displays including archives from the three Webcams,
see my Displays Archive Site at
– Chris W. Millinship. Newport, South Wales, UK.
Seasons Greetings from New South Wales Australia. We have been
decorating our home now for 10 years. The display currently consists
of some 30,000 globes along with assorted static displays and

Craig Hughes

[email protected]

Hi Chuck. Could you include this new picture of
our 2002 display. Thanks and God Bless.

Roy, Toronto, Canada.

[email protected]

I wanted to send you a picture of my 2002 Display. It
consists of 75 blowmolds, 10,000 lights, and 3 inflatables. I also had
several handmade wood items. It is located in Chapin, SC and this is now
my 7th year of doing outdoor Christmas decorating.



[email protected]

We’re the Kelley’s
in Sunnyvale, CA. We’ve been doing this since about 1988. Each year we
try to add something new. It is my wife’s job to keep me from being “too
tacky” and some years she’s not diligent enough. Dr. Michael Kelley

[email protected]
We need to get some better pictures. For some reason these do not
show everything to the best advantage.
You have inspired my husband and is on a mission to bring his
display to the whole USA. I am sending the pictures from my computer
because they are in my computer, but he would like you to correspond
with him at

[email protected]
Don & Chris Hill
2565 South Marion St.
Denver, Colo 80210

Here’s a picture of my house In Hudson, NH its a scanned picture
from the newspaper I have about 35,000 to 40,000 lights and no
computer controls at all any questions please free to email me at

[email protected]
. I would also like to add a Ferris wheel
next year and was wondering if you could help me find some plans or
any info on how to make one ? Happy New Year Thanks
Marc Mousseau

Our 36th Christmas Display in Kissimmee, Florida.

Larry & Rachels Christmas Display

[email protected]

The Fraser
residence. All the dolls are handmade just for Christmas. Clothing
bought at Goodwill.!! Lots of lights, lots of work, & lots of hours but
a labor of love. Our favorite time of the year. Each year we add more
lights & do things a little different. Sign on shed reads “pasatimawa”
Prounounced:” Pass the time away”.

[email protected]
The Faucher Family has been a tradition in Delaware for 23 years,
Santa makes a special visit each year to support the Marine Corp
Toys For Tots Program.

Donnie [[email protected]]

This is a photo of
our 60,000 lights display in Maple St Lugarno, Sydney, Australia. It is
the largest private display in Sydney. Features include a 40-step
computerized animated Santa sequence that arrives with his sleigh and
reindeers, waves, gets out, walks along the roof, puts his sack on the
chimney, pushes it down the chimney, falls down the chimney after it. A
short time later he emerges at the front of the garage, climbs up the
garage wall, walks across the garage roof, climbs down the other side,
walks across the front of the house, climbs 3 stories up the house,
walks across the roof, gets back in his sleigh, waves and departs. A
huge natural conifer Christmas tree in the front yard containing over
10,000 lights. “Merry Christmas” in lights in 26 different languages.
Animated Mickey Mouse shaking hands with Santa 13ft wide by 9ft high.
Animated Thomas the Tank Engine complete with puffing smoke and waving
Santa, 7ft high. Sylvester (disguised as Santa) trying to catch an
animated flapping Tweety. Pooh Bear, Tigger Eeyore and piglet opening
Christmas presents. A 13ft high champagne glass complete with slice of
lemon, straw and animated bubbles. Merry Christmas sign 70ft long.
“Peace on Earth” sign 20ft long. – “Happy Birthday Jesus” sign 30ft
long. A huge star on top of the house towering 50ft above the roadway.
We collect donations for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. This year we raised

[email protected]
I’m from Glen Waverley, Victoria – Australia and am still learning
to take the ‘right photo’.
America has many more possibilities for outdoor lighting and
displays. It frustrates me that they are not available in Australia.
Perhaps you might an idea to increase my display.


[email protected]

Our 2002 lights include decorating
our 50 ft tree as a Christmas tree with lighted balls and a star on top.
Christmas gifts are at the bottom of the tree. I made the American flag
last year. It is made of 4 X6 peg board and is hung sort of like a
picture of the face of the house. Our second tree has green branches
with stars at the top. An animated “falling star” cascades down the tree
to falling stars on the ground. Its hard to see in the picture but there
is a Santa and deer flying on wires just under the flag. The icicle
lights are chasing.

Next year I want to use your engineering techniques to animate the
Christmas tree and make the balls chase. I will need some custom
extension cords to run up into the tree.

Cindy, Tommy, Reid & Kent Poynter Sugar Land, TX

[email protected]
[email protected]

Happy Holidays to all on the Planet Christmas
web site!

[email protected]

I am from Australia. My name is
Lucio. I do decorate my house for Christmas. We buy USA lights of 110v,
our power is 220v,but by splitting the power we are able to connect the
110v.The all house has 45.000 lights the all front to the back of the
garage is fully lit. The items on the roof ,Santa on the sleight Santa
on the rope and Santa on the moon are made by me ,and they are in
motions .Also in the drive passage are fairy wheels ,renders ,Santa on
parachute ,stars on the gate are all in motions .Front of the house we
have a Nativity set ,Santa on the swing and a full size Santa singing
Christmas Carols .If you like to have a short video a will send it to
you. I will keep in touch. Happy New Year form Australia Lucio Our
address is Lucio Matropietro 11Lebanon crs. mulgrave 3170 Victoria

lucio mastro [[email protected]]

Aloha from Hawaii, We are very proud of our lights. We live in
military housing (Navy) and our houses are connected, so we got
together with our neighbors. We have over 15,000 lights. This was
our first year and we loved every bit of it. Happy Holidays, Doug,
Marlana, and Kelvi Freeman, Greg, Andrea, and Jenna Pederson, and
Lonny Behar.

[email protected]

We started the tradition 3 years ago. I wish we knew how many lights
we on the house, but we just kept buying a set of 150 here and a set
there and before we knew it our house became the talk of the town.
Some items that can be seen are the inflatable polar bear, snowman
as well as two candy canes, Christmas tree and another snow man
built out of wood. It includes a 12 foot snowman display on the side
of the house (not pictured) as well as a shed in the backyard and
many more trees decorated.
The Ellsworth Family, Ellington – Connecticut j[email protected]
Taken in Milo, Maine
Diane Libby at

[email protected]

Christmas at the Elmore’s in Marysville,

MICHAEL ELMORE [[email protected]]

Our newest addition for this year is our “Leg
Lamp” in our front room window. This has been a big hit.

Kate & Dave Tobin

[email protected]

My name is Tiffany
I live in Brigham City, Utah. People say we are the Grizwalds of
Brigham. My mom mainly does everything. My dad does a lot of them too,
and if my sisters and I are lucky she will let us help her. It’s kind of
a pain to put them all up, but after it is done you know that is was all
worth it. Tiffany Burt

[email protected]
Michael Felder From Hubertus, Wisconsin.

[email protected]

The Decatur Alabama home of Charles and Janice Vinson, 2313
Cleveland Ave.

Charles Vinson [[email protected]]


here is a picture of my Santa Claus car.

Bryan Taylor

[email protected]

From Cocoa Florida

[email protected]

I have been designing and building my own decorations for about 10
years. The picture only shows some of my stuff because my small
front yard will not hold it all. My neighbors let me use some of
their yard also. This link will take you to a

listing of all my decorations
. I am currently displaying an
estimated 10,000 lights. This years new project is the Praying
Hands, in memory of those who lost their life on 9-11-01. I am
currently working on an animated snowflake project that uses eight
snowflakes. I am located in Aiken, SC. E-mail

Wade Johnson
30,000 lights, 14
wooden cutouts, and a tribute to the Sacramento Kings. It took 12 days
to assemble. With lots of help from my 4 roommates. The weather has been
pretty bad this year. I’ve had to re-decorate twice. I’ve been
decorating for 7 years and add an average of 500 to 1000 lights a year.
My display is different every year. Only because I can never remember
how I put it together the year before. I’ve won the Citrus Heights
Neighborhood Watch Lighting contest 3 years in a row. My house has been
featured in the local newspaper 3 years now; and was featured on the
news last year for our red, white and blue theme. I’m installing a new
roof this year; and will install outdoor plugs to the outside of my
house. Now that’s a die hard Christmas designer. For more go to
Our house is
located on Teri Court in Jackson, New Jersey. Our display features an
8ft star, air blown Santa and reindeer. Santa Claus on a Helicopter.
Tweedy, Ms. Claus, a precious moments blowmold nativity scene, light up
deer, sled and Santa Claus on the lawn. Thousands of mini lights
highlight our house. Each year we add a little more. Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year. Brian and Theresa Bisignano

[email protected]
I have lost count of the numbers of lights. I know we have 3,600
plus icicle lights on the roof. Plus MANY hundreds of feet of mini
lights, any time I see a Dark spot I get some more. The local paper
came by the other night and the reporter said it looks like a Winter
Wonderland. How sweet is that?! Todd and Kelly

[email protected]

Our display is located in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, and
features over 15,000 lights this year. This year’s features include
a Peanuts-themed Nativity scene, where Linus shares the Gospel
message via projected slides, a large animated Merry Christmas sign,
a 150′ candy cane fence, and lots of other touches. You can visit
our website at

christmas to view the display. Thanks! Tim & Cathy Fischer,

[email protected]

This is the 2002
Bisignano Family Christmas Display on Teri Court in Jackson, New Jersey.
We have around 30,000 mini’s, C9’s, C7’s, and ropelight. This years
display features an 8ft air blown Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Grinch,
and Frosty the Snowman (10 ft). We have over 25 moving dolls in the
windows and over 100 lawn decorations, including a miniature carousel,
horse and carriage, skaters, 20 foot train, Mickey, Minnie, Winnie,
Tiger, Taz, Tweety, Frosty, Santa, Ms. Claus, elves, choir children,
Angels, deer, soldiers, cannon, and too many more to list. The entire
display is over 275 feet long. It runs on 9 20 amp circuit breakers.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

[email protected]
from Les Chelmsford, Essex, England.

[email protected]

stats: 40,000 miniatures (or so … I
gave up counting 2 years ago, I now go by amps 5 30A breakers plus 2 15A
breakers. Rented a 60ft cherry picker to get up into the tall trees.
Next year I’m going to add some EL and computer control. I saw some
GREAT light trees in Shenzhen China, but haven’t been able to find
anything like them here. question: Know where I can get cheap LED lights
or blue minis that don’t fade?

John Karpiel

Have a happy holiday. 751 Jamestown Ct Hudson, Ohio,

[email protected]

My house is located in San Rafael, CA near the
Marin County Civic Center. It’s lit up every year from Thanksgiving to
New Years Day, dark till 11:00 pm.

Connie Giambra

[email protected]

This is my first year working with over 50,000 lights. Last year I
put up about 33,000 lights and this year I almost doubled that. It
was a little bit harder this year, because I now have to use a 6500
generator, and have to run about 8 extension cords out from inside
the house. This year I completely covered my lawn, and added 4
moving reindeer. All in all I have 6 reindeer, 4 that move, Santa
and his sleigh. The full manger set. A hole bunch of twisty white
trees, and a moving angle. That is all the stuff on my lawn. On the
windows I have a joy sign, a peace sign, a Santa with HO HO HO
written below it, and on the big window I have a huge wreath. At the
front door there is 2 candles on either side, and on the pathway to
that door, there is a hole bunch of candy canes leading the way. If
you have any questions about my home you can e-mail me at, Have a
very Merry Christmas. -Casey Hendrickson

[email protected]
My neighbor and I live in a small town in a rural farming community
hard hit by lack of rain for the past four years.. A vacant lot
across the street from our houses is dusty and drab so we decided to
brighten it up. All summer we searched garage sales and auctions for
fake trees and this is what we did with them. Everyone seems to be
enjoying the scenery as we get lots of traffic after dark.
Regards, Barbara Rathbun and Carolyn Hauser

[email protected]
Over 15,000 light here. With my inflatable snowman on the roof. We
are in Hudson, Fl

Jerry Todd

[email protected]

This year we have 65,000 lights, most of them minis. Fifteen artificial
trees in the front are controlled by a disk-jockey type sound activated
controller. They flash on and off in 16 patterns according to the music.
We encourage viewers to walk through the back and then take a drive past
the back from a block away.

Cheryl and Alfred von Hollen

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta


I have 65,000 lights outside, featuring 8 ft.
inflatable, snowman, Santa, Nutcracker, reindeer, and Christmas tree. We
have 120 animated figures in our window display which is easily
accessible by walking under the arch of lights up the center of the
yard. Our home is located on a corner lot just about a mile outside the
front gates of Fort Hood, TX. It is clearly visible from the highway. We
get about 200-300 cars by nightly. This year we added outdoor speakers
so Christmas carols are played from 5:30 to 10 PM nightly. We also have
a 5 foot talking Santa waiting to greet all the little ones standing on
the patio. Merry Christmas to all. Marilyn and Dan Caron Daniel Caron

[email protected]

Merry Christmas, this is a picture of Cindy and Larry’s
house in Manteno, IL. All decorations are run off 7 – 20 amp circuits,
all switched from inside the house. The carousal and castle were made by
Larry. We used many animated decorations and all decorations are
arranged by themes.

[email protected]
Our house is located in Santa Clarita,
California. We are running over 5,000 lights this year with plans to add
more next year. Display consists of mini’s, icicles, rope, C-9’s, etc.
Next year will have more decorations, lights and animation. Display is
on from Thanksgiving to New Years from Dusk to 10pm nightly.

The Lewis Family

Jonathan Lewis [[email protected]]

A 30′ tree with 6,300 lights is the centerpiece
of our 2002 display. Over 13,000 lights in total grace our front yard
and home. Looking forward to computer control, a taller tree, and 20k+
lights next year! Happy holidays!

Jeff and Bridgette Trykoski –

[email protected]

Frisco, TX

Greetings again from Edinburgh,
Scotland. This is our fourth year of decorating the outside of the house
and we have added more rope light decorations. This gives more animation
and helps to pick out the shape of the house. Tom, who helps me, thinks
we must be crazy to do this in the winter but we keep coming back to do
more each year. Merry Christmas!

Gordon Duncan

[email protected]

I live in Richmond B.C. Canada. I have 12,450 lights up this year.
1st year this big, but i am already planning 2003. Hope you enjoy my
Thanks Norm Armitage.

[email protected]

Our house is in the west end of Newcastle Upon Tyne in a area called
Lemington. This is are 4th year and we are up to a 5,700 lights in
total its a mostly static display but next year we are going to be
computer controlled are display is on from Saturday 30th Nov 02 to
1st Jan 03 from 4pm to 8pm.

les murray [[email protected]]

Our house is
located in Apache Junction, Arizona, This year there are 5,000 lights.
The Happy Holidays sign was made from a piece of 4′ by 8′ plywood, it
has 490 lights. The lights on the front of the house are all moving. The
green tree is 30 feet tall and contains 1200 lights. The lights in the
garden and on the wreath are actual twinkling lights, not flashing or

Aaron and Kristen

[email protected]

We live in Palm Bay
FL and have right around 10,000 lights. Hope to have more by Christmas.
This is our second year and all I can say is its addictive Andy &
Maureen Houssell

[email protected]
TwasTheNightBefore.Com – is a display by the
Parcell Family of Geneva, IL. Our display has over 26,000 lights, dozens
of your favorite characters from the North Pole and computerized light

Greg Parcell [[email protected]]

Hi gang. This is a picture of our display.
16,000 lights, mixture of mini nets, icicle, c-7, c-9 and floods. There
is some animation now with re-programmed chasers, wavers and the like.
2,500 visitors last year. We are close to 22,000 this year still with
simple circuitry and timers. About 90 amps worth. We are fundraising for
the Dog Guides of Canada program which trains certain breeds to be
working dogs in the hearing and sight impaired programs. I hope the
others on the site that do fundraising could contact me about how they
did it and the technical aspect of how the donation was left I would
really appreciate it. Roy Bartell, Toronto, Canada

[email protected]

This is our 5th year of lighting up our home. We live
in Hampshire, England. We have changed the display quite a bit from last
year and added new lights. All our neighbours came to our display on the
first night which went really well, it was a great atmosphere with about
100 people outside. We wanted to go computerised this year but ran out
of time due to a new baby in the family, hopefully we will be able to do
it for next year. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas. From Keith,
Jenny, Ryan and Luke.

[email protected]

This is my biggest display, so far. We moved into a new home this
year and was able to have over 14,000 lights on display. I think
next year I am going to try to add animation. Merry Christmas from
the Portell family and Jacksonville, Florida.
My Display this
year consists of approximately 20,000 light, which I am controlling with
Dasher X10. Some of the new items this year include the 8 foot star,
which I made from tomato cages, chicken wire and 5,000 lights. I have a
light organ attached to the large tree, so that it dances with the music
I have playing. My display is in Kissimmee, Florida. Ron Lister

[email protected]
Mike Shimko, 2695 Keene Lane, Deltona Fla. 32725
10,440 Lights

[email protected]

greetings from germany! We love
christmas lights and hope to install this year about 20.000 computer
controlled lights. There is an inflantable Snowman on our roof and a
train is running under the roof. You´ll see a lot of our experience at

Hope to hear from

[email protected]

Best regards

Markus and Andrea Weidlich

Hello. My lights
don’t compare to the fine work on your site but I’m proud of them
anyway. Melanie Wilson

[email protected]

Christmas Lights display includes 20,000+ lights Return to the time of
Woodstock’s great wealth when you stay at Chateau “Carbide” Willson.
Listed on the National and Provincial Registers of Historic Homes, and
appreciate the preservation of the past of this small town. Van. Ave as
it now is commonly called, always has been considered as “the Avenue”,
and to live on the Avenue was the final step up the social ladder of the
elite of Woodstock at the turn of the Century. A glance down the list of
residents turns up a fair collection of doctors, lawyers, merchants,
gentlemen, and town and county officials. The social standing of these
people is quite visible in some of the homes that still are standing.
The owners of these homes engaged any amount of domestic help, including
gardeners, parlor maids, kitchen help. Often a retired army officer
would keep his man on as a private servant. Yes, it was something to
live on the Avenue. Along with this we have a name that is still well
remembered due to the fact that their home is still a showplace of
Woodstock. It was built by Thomas L. Willson, in 1895 as a gift to his
mother. It was designed by H. Hudson Holly, a New York Architect and
cost $ 90,000 to built, a phenomenal price just prior to the turn of the
century. It is deemed today to still be the finest house in Woodstock. A
mini-mansion in today’s estimation. The elegant exterior of ruby
volcanic-stone is in the Richardsonian Romanesque style with high
turrets, balconies, soaring chimneys and a grand curving porch. This
house has approximately 6,800 square feet, 21 rooms, eight fireplaces.
The foyer interior adorned in golden oak paneling opens to a sweeping
staircase. Each room has its own unique character, with fireplaces made
of many varieties of rich wood and ceramics; curved tower windows;
crafted patterned plaster; rich rosewood detail on fireplace and pillars
in the salon; built in bookcase in the octagonal library;

dancing on the ceiling. Antique furnishings, and art are
throughout the library parlor and dining room and the quaint yet
comfortable guest rooms. The present owners have spent over two years,
restoring the natural beauty of this architectural masterpiece, and
updating the functional features, to become one of Ontario’s premier Bed
& Breakfast Country Inns.

[email protected]

House is located in Southern Indiana near Louisville KY.
As of 2002, there were approximately 18,000 lights. Our main attraction
is an animated Santa in sleigh and 2 reindeer which we built and run off
a special electrical box programmed to make the reindeer look like their
legs are moving and the Santa’s hat comes on and off as if flying
through the air. We will have this year between 50 and 60 strands of
lights on the roof itself. The bushes are double and some triple wrapped
with lights. The yard is outlined with chaser lights. Then there are
numerous yard light displays.

[email protected]
Our home is in the heart of the Salt
Lake Valley. This years display includes over 25,000 lights, animation,
strobes, and live music.


Marty Slack

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Hi – We have about 12 000 bubbles – we are worst in our community in
Sollentuna Sweden, it´s not so common here!
regards: Kicki Brunzell

We’re relatively new to Christmas light displays as it is only our
second year. We are from Seaford in the South East of England. So far it
is 2,000 lamps. All the shapes are hand built in Plywood, the snowman
measuring 8’x4’.

If anyone can help us, we are thinking about building a tree of light
for next year, but are a little unsure on how to go about it.

Michael and Craig Woolgar

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Here’s a picture of my mother’s Christmas village that every year is
getting bigger!!! I wanted to share because is something that
exciting me a lot!!!! We’re are from Tijuana, Mexico!!!

Karla Moriel

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Here is my house in Woodingdean Brighton,,
England. Mine only runs on indoor extensions but hope to computerize
next year. I have a few more lights to add but have run out of sockets.


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This is a picture on man home in Sweden! The picture is from the
Christmas 2002, its about 2100 mini lamps.

This my next door
neighbors trailer in Apache Junction Arizona. Her display had 1,600
lights all together, She enjoyed the icicle lights the most and the
simple yet elegant fence turned out wonderful, The fence was done up
with green garland and red bows which made it look just as good in the
daytime. Between the two displays in a rather dark trailer park we had
people standing outside our places in amazement because of how beautiful
they looked, the kids loved them too. that’s why I do this, it makes
people happy at Christmastime, because the holidays are not easy for
everyone, and if I can serve to cheer them up, Then I’ll always be
putting lights up. We just recently moved into a house, So it will be
neat to see what this year brings…. I’m already getting idea’s!! Aaron

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This is my parents
house in Claymont, Delaware. This was the last year I was going to
decorate this house, as I was planning on getting married and moving
out. I called it “The Big Bang” I pulled out all the stops and put up
every light I had. I changed my mind from last years display, instead of
having the lights come out from the top of the tree I thought It would
be different to wrap it, It worked out pretty good, I wasn’t pleased
with the outcome, it looks unfinished to me. But there are 13,000 lights
all together all colored also. Aaron Jabkowski

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This is my 2002 decoration. I have been doing
this for 10 years. I live in Oxford N.C.

The Campbell Family

Yvonne and David

2002 Porrazzoland
Lowellville, Ohio
Seasons Greetings from New South Wales
Australia. We have been decorating our home now for 10 years. The
display currently consists of some 30 000 globes along with assorted
static displays and cutouts.
craig hughes

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