Showing Off 2007

Wow! Were we ever showing off in 2007!

We are located in
Langley British Columbia Canada , we are called the land of Christmas
which started the lights years ago and keep changing every year. All our
proceeds go to help save the animals and keep them safe and fed.
(Prevention to cruelty against animals)


MUSIC, MOTION, AND MERRIMENT. This house is located on Balboa Island in
the middle of the Newport Harbor, California, which is home of the
annual “Christmas Boat Parade”, known as one of the ten best Christmas
viewing events in the country! The house has over 25,000 lights and is
the first house in Newport Beach programmed with a computerized light
show. Lights are synchronized with the music to twinkle, shimmer, and
dim to ten different songs including “All I want for Christmas”, “Jingle
Bell Rock”, and “Sleigh Ride”. Ninety six computerized channels control
the lights and show. For the computer to control the lights over
one-half mile of electrical wire was added to the display. It takes
approximately 5 hours of programming for every 1 minute of song.
Synchronized shows are scheduled every 7 to 10 minutes apart. A new
addition this year is a moving, lighted Ferris wheel! The award-winning
display has been in newspapers and television, and is viewed by
thousands of visitors! Visit


This is our first
year animating. We have about 7000 lights (as of 11/20/2007) and are
still growing every night. I use LOR’s 16 channel controller and have
about 30 songs.

The Cotrill’s


Hello and Merry
Christmas from the Hendrix home to yours…We have submitted a picture
every year now for 5 years so please enjoy! Riverview, Florida! 2007


176 channels 8 mega
trees, 30 spirals, strobes and a snow flake arch. Marshall County
Courthouse, Marshalltown, Iowa.


Eric Rodemeyer


I am Garrett Kristy
and I am 15. I live in Macomb, Michigan. I do this by myself every year.
These pictures are this year before I added more lights and have used
the Mr. Christmas lights and sounds of Christmas.


This is our 5th year of Christmas lights and after attending the PLUS
2007, we got many ideas to make our display bigger and better this year.
We added lights to our roof line, LED lights to the back fence and
around the yard, penguin displays and the Mega Tree with LED lights. We
have been animating a few lights for a couple of years but this year we
bought a FM transmitter and have synchronized the lights in the back to
music. We have 64 LOR channels. Visit our website for more photos at
. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Jeremy &
Melissa Vanek, Omaha, Nebraska


Bet you don’t see
anything like this too often.

200 multi mini
lights along the sides and rear, 50 multi minis in the rear window and
60 LEDs around the roof inside.

It turns heads!


This is a show I did in a private RV park for our annual Christmas in
Aug. I have 12,000 lights on 48 channels of LOR… It can be seen at



Hey this is
Christmas At Drew 2007 a little over 2500 lights this year one mega tree
in Multi color lights and the house outlined in white lights and tree in



This is my forth
year and the display continues to grow. It’s up to about 5,800 lights

Merry Christmas from
the Macey’s in Clearwater, Florida 2007.


Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas Chuck! I just wanted to send to
you my submission for the 2007 Showing Off page. Here’s our display for
2007 with 30,000 lights in Milford Connecticut. You can see more of our
display at
. I finally found siding clips to get the
lights attached to the siding of the house and added an additional tree.
You can’t see it from this picture, but I have three arches in the
driveway with over 3,000 lights. Check out my site:
. Christopher Donnells


Hi Chuck. For years I have thought about sending a photo or something.
Unfortunately, I am computer stupid and always mess it up, so, if you
got this, enjoy. We have been at this for 18 years at this level and
will continue as is. I know I can’t go computer controlled. We use a lot
of chasing lights, so a photo does it no justice. I take MPEGs every
year to music so that everyone that is far away can enjoy it. I have it
on disc and can send you a copy if you want it. I invented, manufactured
and have tried to place in stores our snowflake decoration. Of course, I
can’t compete with the big guys and have been limited to local sales. If
anyone who visits your site is interested in them, they can visit our
homemade website at
. I sent an email to you last year noting
that the address or link from Jeff Womack does not work. That may be
because it is incorrect. It’s snowflakes with an s. If anyone that
visits your site contacts me by email ([email protected])
with their name and address and that they are a PlanetChristmas member
and that they made a PayPal purchase of a case of 12, I will send them
an extra snowflake as a thank you.


We’re newbies to this whole thing. We’ve been purring up lights for 10
years or so…but never to this degree. Last year we had icicle lights and
some candles in the windows. This year we have over 10,500 lights,
animated with Mr. Christmas and broadcast with FM transmitter tuned to
87.7. We’re waiting on one more addition for this year, a wire frame elf
shooting presents from a cannon. Next year we’re definitely going LOR or
similar system. Mr. Christmas is good training wheels, helps us work the
bugs out of the system. We’re also proud to be an official Toys-for-Tots
drop off location this year. We’ll try to get a video posted if we can
figure out how to shoot it with both good audio and video. Stop by to
see us if you’re in our neck of the woods. Andrena & Doug Wallace,
Canton, OH 44721

[email protected]


This is a message from Tina: Submission for PlanetChristmas Showing Off
2007. Tina thought you might enjoy checking out this video on MySpace
Videos! You don’t have to join to view the video. Just use
the link below.





Good evening.
Attached is my 2007 Christmas display. I would appreciate it if you
could list it on the site. Note: In all, our house consists of over
15,000 lights. The house, roof, shrubs, and trees are all outlined.
Additionally, we have included several lawn items, including three
musically synchronized trees. We are already planning for 2008!


This is a picture of my lights. I have 6 LOR 16 channel controllers
running 50,000 lights on two house. I got my neighbor talked into
letting do his house this year. I also have a Garden Railroad running in
the front yard with 600 feet of track over three main lines. You can see
the lights and railroad at my website
. I am once again collecting canned food. Last
year I collected 1057 cans of food, that was my first year. this year I
hope to collect 2007 cans of food. thanks and Marry Christmas to you


Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays to all…. We are Tom and Beth Ronketty from Marlton, NJ
and we have been decorating for about 4 years now. Each year we seem to
grow out of control. This year we are decorating with about 75,000
lights (10,000 of which are synchronized to music), 14 inflatables,
animated animals, and a snow making snowman. We even created a “21 tree
salute to Christmas” with 21 mini trees synchronized to music. Santa
will be making appearances as well on a few weekends coming up in
December. This year we have teamed up with the Evesham Twp. (Marlton)
Fire and Rescue to accept donations which will go toward purchasing
food, warm clothing, and toys for the needy families and children in the
local area. Isn’t that what the spirit of Christmas is all about? We
look forward to having you stop by and take in the lights and sounds of
the holidays and hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed putting it
all together for everyone… Tell us you saw it on PlanetChristmas!!
Happy Holidays to everyone… Tom and Beth


4800 LEDs, two deer
(100 mini lights each), six little trees (100 mini lights each), one big
tree (600 mini lights) for a total of 6200 lights synchronized to music!
This is our first year animating and we plan on getting bigger and
better each year! We are on Milstead Road in Newport News, VA.

Rich and Robyn


This is our first
year with an animated light show. We have 20,000 lights, 96 channels,
four leaping arches, 8 mini trees, two animated trees, five home made
wireframes, and a nativity. We are located in Humble, TX just north of
Houston, if your in area stop by.


My name is Daryl
Lichtenberger. I’ve been doing this for three years and every year I add
more. I like to do this and I love to make the kids happy when they stop
by to see the lights. I know I’m not that big but I keep adding more
year after year. So I came across this website called PlanetChristmas I
didn’t know anything about but I kept reading your site. So far this
website really helped me out I live in a small town called Van Wert,
Ohio. I took pictures of my house I did before it got cloudy out so just
waiting to turn them on. This really cool thing you have going here. I
hope we get a change to talk some time.


Merry Christmas from
the Pennell’s in Fairfield, OH.


Welcome to Michael & Maryellen’s Christmas house from Everett Mass. Come
with us and take a look around as people have already started to honk
the horns and stopping to take a look and of course the true meaning of
Christmas as the children’s faces. Light Up and Smile and go WOW . and
last but not least the I’m not going. I laugh at that one my self and
that is the only thanks we need. And the most important message is:
Merry Christmas to Our Family’s and to the Planet Christmas Members as
if is wasn’t for you people doing everything you do we wouldn’t be able
to do this. Thank you very much, Mike & Maryellen

[email protected]


This year I have between 55-60-thousand lights. The two mega trees are
26 feet tall with 9,700 lights on each one. The display can change from
four different colors of red, green, blue, and clear. It’s powered by
176 channels of Light-O-Rama. They come on nightly at 6:00 p.m. November
23rd through Jan 1st. It’s located in Northwest North Carolina near the
Blue Ridge Parkway.

Thank you Chuck!

William Bottomley

Tim & Jackie Puppe

from Rochester Minnesota. We have been adding lights every year, this
year there are 11,573 lights. already planning for 2008! Love the
website, thanks!


Hello. Here is our 2007
Christmas Light Display located in a small town in Eastern Oregon. This
year we added our first mega tree made of 6,400 lights. It changes 4
colors red, green, blue, and white. Its a great addition outside of
Santa’s house. Lighting up one side of the house is a winter wonderland
with falling snowflakes. The other side includes a 25ft Christmas train
with motion lights. You can view pictures and video at




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Matt


This is the Schrimp / Guerena Home on Via Cristal, in San Juan
Capistrano, CA. This is our 12th year. Since everyone is computer
controlling their lights, we like to be different. We still use over
15,000 lights, but we focus on animated displays. The Entire garage is a
animated winter scene with mostly hand made figures. New this year is
our 12 ft. Tall animated Ferris wheel. Tons of lights, animated figures
around the yard, and a snow machine sure to put a smile on the faces of
kids of all ages. Thanks. Wayne Schrimp, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


The Robinson Family from Ft. Lee, VA. This is our first year animating
our Christmas lights. We live on an army base and wanted to do something
different for the military families on our base. We are using Mr.
Christmas this year with about 5000 lights. We will be using LOR next
year. Thanks to planet Christmas we have learned a lot from this site.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007


Hey guys,

Her is a picture of our 2007 display. This year we are collecting for
the Make A Wish Foundation. We are located on Hyman Ave in Bayshore, New


Tha Amadeo Family


Christmas from Ohio!! Just did a nice layout of classic style of lights.


Just for
fun!…..and we love Christmas!!!!….We take Santa or the snowman or
both…out for drives in the summer at the RV park!..(It’s to cold to do
that in MI in the winter!) the children love it!.. and chase them down
the street!!!…..There’s nothing like a 12′ Santa lit up at night
behind a golf cart driving down the streets of a RV
park!….well…unless you have Santa and the snowman at the same time!


64 channels of animated
Christmas lights synced to 6 different songs. Located in Coppell, Texas
at 216 Timber Ridge Lane.

The 2007 Christmas display runs from 5:30pm – 10:30pm through 12/31/07.


for videos and more information about the display.


Christmas from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was just told about this web
site and love it. I’ve found so many helpful suggestions. This is my 6th
year decorating. I have 35,000 lights including the lighted moving
Ferris-Wheel, electronic firework piece, music synchronized to the
archways, and a snow machine (which will be used on the weekends only).
This is the first year that I’ve had more than one person helping me but
it looks like I’ll need more help next year. Have a Merry Christmas and
a great holiday season.


ChristLights is a display
focused on reminding people of the real meaning of CHRISTmas! We have
over 25,000 lights. Visit the website at



This is the centerpiece of my 2007 Christmas Display. My Beco-General

/TPI/Grand Venture Nativity Scene. It gets the most compliments out of
the rest of my display, so that’s why it’s the only picture of my
display that I am submitting. I chose a daytime picture. Holy Family, 3
Wisemen, Kneeling Shepherd = Beco/General Foam. Standing Shepherd,
Donkey, Ox = Poloron. 2 Angels = TPI. 2 Camels = GenFoam. 2 Sheep =
Grand Venture. Star = Union. Stable = Homemade (my design). Thanks! Joe


Christmas! Counting the back yard I’m nearing about 20,000 lights, sure
wish I had a larger front yard….


Larry Speckman


Hi, this is our second year decorating the exterior of our new home.
There are about 8000 lights…and counting. I still have plenty of room
for expansion! MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL – from
Plainfield, IL. Thanks, Andy.


Christmas from Holland, MI

87,000 Lights

Tom Raczok


Hello Chuck and Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays from West Haven Lights. West Haven, Utah. 2007 is our
fifth year of computer control with 336 channels of LOR. This year is an
additional 96 channels, a 28′ tall mega tree and 32 more mini-trees.
Total light count? A WHOLE bunch. Pretty much a wire frame display. The
display consists of our house and our neighbors, the Mullins next door.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Hortings. Happy Lighting…


Merry Christmas from Candy Cane Lane !! This is our third year here.
Added 16 channels of L-O-R and a FM transmitter this year. The mega tree
in front grew by 6 feet thanks to a new retractable flag pole. Can’t
wait to expand next year. Merry Christmas, Robert and Lynette Tagg,
Mayfield Hts. Ohio


Greetings from Saint John, Indiana! We are proud to present KampLights
2007 animated light display, powered by Light-O-Rama. Last year, we had
8 channels of computer control, this year we have 24! We have over 7,000
lights synchronized to music. Our show runs from 5:30 to 10 every

Merry Christmas everyone! Keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas!


This is the home of Allen and Cattina Holt in Chesapeake, Virginia.


This is our second year doing
an animated Christmas light show. At 13,226 lights, we’ve more than
doubled the show from last year. We also moved up to 32 channels and
currently have 15 songs in the play list. Check out
more details. Merry Christmas! -The Breton Family Folsom, CA


This is our display for the
year 2007. We have 30,807 lights hooked up to 48 channels of LOR and
4600 feet of extension cords (both bought and homemade). This display
took a year of buying, building, planning and sequencing and 13 days to
put up to come out just right to bring smiles to all who pass and it was
ALL worth it. Next year we have at least another 12,200 lights planned
on going up…but we still have 12 months to add to that 😉 Enjoy and

to see more pics and videos of our display.


Leo Douillard’s located at 793
Pinemont Ave, Port Coquitlam, is in my opinion one, of the best
Christmas Light Displays ever because it is done with so much love and
puts smiles on the faces of everyone who has the opportunity to visit of
course I could be a bit bias because of the fact he’s my dad (& the best
one at that!). This Display of aprox 50,000 lights along with the many
inflatables, characters & interactive things for children to play with,
is done by one man with one of the biggest hearts ever!!! We love him so
much and are thankful that he takes the time (about 110 hours to set up
the display, not to mention the hours & hours it takes to check each
string before set up) to make this display each and every year a bit
more spectacular than the one before. Our family has had so much fun
over the past years being involved in, what is now known as, the Annual
Santa Picture & Hot Chocolate Nite. This year Santa is coming on
Saturday, December 15th from 7-10pm, please join us & get a free picture
with Santa and enjoy a complimentary Hot Chocolate. Please visit his
website at\xmasguys

Lights on 5pm-10pm nightly. All donations to the Children’s Hospital.
Thank you. Sincerely Proud to be the XMas Guys Daughter, Carol.


Xavierlights which is located
in Sherman IL is home to over 80,000 lights this year and 100 strobe
lights. Add 32 more channels of LOR, given me a total of 80 with 48
extra in reserve. They are several new items for 2007 including a 33
foot Mega Tree with the local school colors (Purple and Gold). More
reindeer for Santa team and the house of the Penguins. Check it all out

to see the full view of the display which is too big to capture in one
picture. Happy Holidays from the Loftus Family.


This is my
5th year of lighting up the block. I have really enjoyed spending
weekend after weekend putting up lights. This year we are pushing 16,000
lights with more to come in 2008. Hoppe Holidays

Micah Hoppe,
Camarillo, CA


Christmas from the Wise Family in Virginia Beach, Virginia


Kenny Wise


Merry Christmas from the DeLauro and Cianflone families in Dyker
Heights, Brooklyn, NY. We have over 12,000 lights most of which are
L.E.D. Our display has it’s own radio station and is controlled by 18
computer channels. Our neighborhood is known for having some of the best
Christmas light displays in New York. This year we will be shown on HGTV
(What’s with That Decked Out Christmas House), The Learning Channel
(More Crazy Christmas Lights) and Dish TV (Magnificent Obsessions). Come
by and check us out. 1121 – 1125 71st Street Brooklyn, NY 11228. Our
2007 Christmas display includes a special feature for my Father who
passed away earlier this year. He loved Christmas and decorating for
Christmas more than anybody I know. The entire display is dedicated to
him this year. I hope he is proud of me. We Miss You Dad…


Hello there,

Here is our
humble little house all decorated with Candy Canes and red and white
lights. This is our third year of decorating. Next year we plan to go
musical. Each year we add a little more. Our Candy Cane house is at 5505
Oakville Heights Ct. in St. Louis, MO, 63129.


The Randall & Kandi Roberts
family display in Andrews, Texas. It’s our first year with computerized
show. Our central parts of the show include a 52′ mega-tree built around
a removable, guyed radio tower with 20,000 lights (Clear and Multi) and
40 channels. To balance the yard, we put 5 11′ mini-trees on the
opposite side, each with 14 channels. The yard has 153 rows of lights,
divided into 51 channels each of Clear and Multi lights. We’ve also got
the dogs out for “Yellow Snow” and plenty of deer for “Rudolph”. The
total is 140,000+ lights and 368 channels. Planning started last
Christmas, and actual construction began in mid-September. We have
pictures and videos at


Merry Christmas to all!


For Rusty… This year our
lights are dedicated to the loving memory of our son Russell “Rusty”
Creepingbear who lost his long battle with cancer on October 29, 2007.
Although was only 29 years old, through out his long battle with cancer
he always showed courage, determination, perseverance, dedication, and a
strong will to survive. Christmas was Rusty’s favorite time of the year,
he always loved helping put up all of our lights. He was greatly missed
this year and will be greatly missed in the years to come. We love you
and miss you. James & Camille Wagoner, Edgewater, Florida,


Pilot Mountain Christmas
Extravaganza 2007. Our 41st year of Christmas Displays was lighted
Thanksgiving night. With over two acres decorated it is to large and
spread out to show in pictures. Our display was shown of Fox news
Thanksgiving night. Visitors can park and walk through the display. For
more pictures and directions visit our website at:

Larry & Rachel Charpiat. Pilot Mountain, North Carolina


Happy holidays from The Yehling Family in Winfield, Illinois. This is
our 20,000 light tribute to ‘Sparky Griswald’.


Thanks to yours and STEVES’s help we have a GE lights and sounds of
Christmas on the pontoon boat. We made a Ginger Bread House on the 16′
boat. It took 270′ of 3/4″ PVC pipe to make the frame that sits on the
rails. There are over 3,500 lights using 6 channels of sound, powered by
a 3,500 Watt generator. The children will be dressed as Elves this year.


This year is bigger than last year. I went with a Candyland /
Gingerbread house theme for Christmas. All the candy canes and lollipops
were made by me. There are 7,500 lights on the house this year. We hope
you enjoy it. Anthony. Charlotte, NC


First I want
to thank my dad for teaching me everything I know about exterior
illumination. Every year I change my display’s color and theme. This
year I have over 500 multi-color big bulbs, 300 feet of lit garland, 100
feet of ice lights, 15,000 mini lights, and much more. I have a total of
140 Amps of electricity being consumed. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


Attached are pictures of my
2007 Christmas display. The display is titled “Christmas Cruisin’ on
Cedar Ridge,” and it is a combination of the Disney Cars Movie, NASCAR,
and Christmas. It consists of about 6000 lights, which are controlled
with 32 channels of LOR control. Video is available on our web site at


Thanks, Bob


Marc and Deb
Hansen of Omaha, Nebraska. We started Light-O Rama last year and
increased our lights to 50,000 this year. We run a FM transmitter and
have 112 channels of lights to music. Thanksgiving night was light up
time and we had plenty of people to celebrate with outside. My husband
and I have been decorating for 18 years now, but this is the biggest
year. Happy Holidays to all.


this is our 2007 display bigger
and better than ever! visit


for more pic’s and info!


5928 and 5924 Coke ave. in Long Beach California. We have been
decorating since 1997.


Merry Christmas from the McKinneys in Plymouth, Indiana!


Hello everyone, This year our new thing was to put up a Christmas tree
on our flag pole. This isn’t real simple, but there are some good ideas
on how to build it on the Internet. We used 18 strands of 70 bulb LED
lights and hooked it to a six channel Mr. Christmas music box. After the
Mr. Christmas was installed, we were somewhat disappointed, because you
have to roll down your window to hear the music and most people that
come to look don’t bother. So, if your are going to add music to your
display, I recommend using a light-o-rama control panel that pipes the
music into a radio on a FM frequency. This is a much better alternative
to music playing outside your home throughout the holiday season. Mr.
Christmas is OK, but if you live in a neighborhood, you will probably
keep your neighbors happy by not broadcasting the same 20 songs over and
over again. Remember, LED lights are the way to go, so save a little
money to shop the after Christmas sales because as your know, LED’s are
expensive and hopefully stores will mark them down after Christmas. Hope
you enjoy our display and thanks for keeping the spirit of Christmas
alive. Tom and Becky.


This is our 5th year at 7453
Mitchell Drive in Rohnert Park, California. Last year our house was
featured on HGTV’s “What’s with that Christmas House?”. We have
choreographed the entire yard display in synchronization with the music
playing both through outdoor speakers and on a FM transmitter channel.
For more information on our display and how to create your own, come
visit us at
Thanks Planet Christmas for all the support! Curtis and Brenda Smith


We are finally out of room! Our house reached the maximum number of
lights that can be put on it, as always I will continue to add more
until Christmas! It can now be officially called the “Clark Griswold
Residence.” Every inch of everything is covered in lights, front and
back yard. It is a must see this year! Other than adding more light, I
spend hundreds of hours synchronizing the roof and front bushes, to
music, on the computer. Our new electric panel, installed for last
year’s display, is already maxed out! I’m afraid to turn on more than
one appliance at once. I put up everything, shown in the picture, by
myself. (I’ve been decoration my home since I was about 5 years old; I
am currently 17.) We are located at 947 Saxonburg Boulevard, about a
block from Shaler Plaza, on Route 8, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The
show runs from 6PM – 11PM daily. Bill Hart.


This is my first year for
animated lights. I have 40 LOR channels and just over 13,000 lights. My
official light-up night was Nov. 24th and had quite a gathering of
people for my opening night and many, many compliments. I don’t have
video’s yet, but I do have some pictures on my website

. I am really pleased with the way my display turned out and I couldn’t
have accomplished it, if it weren’t for the wonderful people at PC.
~Merry Christmas Everyone~ Jeff Phillips Madison, OH


Hi and Merry
Christmas to all we live in Sydney Australia and this is our house each
year we keep adding more so until next. bye


Dominique Ketner Queen Creek, AZ Over 16,000 lights!


Our second year with animated
lighting using Light-O-Rama equipment, we have 112 channels this year.
The Brown Family Christmas Light Display is located just east of
Charlotte, NC, and can be seen at
We are the only animated light display (that we are aware of) in the
Charlotte area, and are located about 30 miles from McAdenville, NC,
which is better known as ChristmasTown USA. Our show is 20 minutes long
and runs each half hour from 6PM to 9PM. Merry Christmas!


Here is a
picture of my house. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 55,000
lights. I have four inflatables and tons of light strands. We live in
Reading, PA. There are three 10′ trees in the front yard and a 20′ tree
in the back yard. Hope you enjoy this picture and have a Merry Christmas
to all.

This year we have gone moderately low-key, as we are going for the full
animated effect next year. There is a mere 1,500 lights this year, but
probably 10 times that next year.

Michael, Linda and Craig Woolgar


I know this
picture doesn’t show much compared to my 23,000+ lights from last year.
That’s because this year I am stuck in Iraq for Christmas and I didn’t
have a lot to work with. I wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas.




Here is a picture of the Knepp house. We are in Las Vegas. I’m 12 years
old and I have been doing this about three years. We have about 5,000
lights. We also have four 4 foot inflatables and six 8 foot inflatables.
Hope you like it. Happy Holidays.


Hello & Merry
Christmas from the Moreira home to you yours. Here is our 2007 display,
a few hundred lights located on Houghton St, Somerville, Ma. The lights
are on until January 5, most nights from 5 until 10:00 pm.


Our entire
street of 18 homes is decorated in many different themes. People drive
from many miles around to visit our street each year. We collect food
and money for the Food for Families Charity. We would love to have link
on your site with one or more pictures. Feel free to pick out any
pictures you would like me to send and I’d be happy to send high res




Merry Christmas from Mead,
Colorado. This is our third year of computerization with 32 channels
from animated lighting, 24,000 lights, 13 trees of 12 feet or taller,
and a twenty minute show 90.3 on the FM dial. (That’s on the outside) My
wife has 7 full sized trees decorated on the inside as well. We really
enjoy your site as well as input from the forums. May everyone have a
safe Holiday season. Thanks, The SALMEN’s.



This was my first year decorating the Santa Bus. Of coarse we used
Light-o-Rama the lights dance to music which we blasted out the doors.
We have been in two parades so far this year. One more to go…very
popular with the kids and adults alike.

It’s not really the number of Christmas lights you have …But what do
with them that counts.


Aloha, this
is out 25th year at Santa’s Lane, (see attached page from Garden Island
news), started out with 2-stringers in 1982, and look what happened… I
have 2ea G-Scale trains running in opposite directions just under the
30-ft light Christmas tree…

Mele Kalikimaka/Merry Christmas, Onohi Lane/Santa’s Lane, Kauai, HI
96741 J Lorenzo/Chief Elf


Christmas from Sugar Land, TX. This is the first year for doing this


The Coulterville Illinois Holiday Light Display features over 40,000 and
over 200 wooden cut-outs located in the city park in downtown
Coulterville. The walk thru display is open every evening through News
Years Eve. On Saturday evening from 6 to 8 area businesses provide free
refreshments and Santa visits the park. New features this year include
Santa’ Playland (merry-go-round) Christmas on the Farm, and a forests
Christmas. It is a wonderful display to see for both the young and old.


This is the Dan Burkart home in Brooklyn Park, MN. 60,000 lights with
more animation and music added this year. We extend into the neighbors
yard and all along the back fence line. Happy Holidays everyone!

Bob VanLaningham


G’day All from Ballarat in
Australia. This year’s synchronised display comprises 47,000 lights and
uses 120 AC and 86 DC LOR channels along with a number of DMX fixtures,
which is more than double last year’s effort. Our website is

and this is our second year using LOR. Santa visits on most evenings
handing out lollies to the kids. Among some of our features are a 25′ x
3 colour Mega Tree, a 25′ x 3 colour LED Firework, 10 x 3 colour
Driveway Arches and 4 Leaping Light Arches.


I Live in Denmark and started my Christmas light carrier last year !
Today I have aprox 16.000 lights and are the only one in this little
village having lights up. I got paralyzed from my neck down 4 years ago
and have therefore changed my hobbies out from surfing to Christmas
lights….All my friends have helped setting everything up… Looking
forward to upload new photos every year. Mvh Morten /Denmark


Here is our Christmas decorated-house located at 5172 Huntswood Circle,
La Palma, California 90623. This is my 25th year of decorating. To
coincide with this year’s City of La Palma theme of “Christmas Around
the World” we have chosen the Hawaiian Christmas theme. The display
features a handmade “Mele Kelikimaka” lighted sign, custom Christmas
tiki torches, lighted palm trees, and a life size animated Santa dressed
in Hawaiian beachwear. On selected nights, the display also features a
fully decorated 1967 VW Surf Bus. Please stop by and see us soon!


Joyce Family
Christmas Display, Gloucester, VA. 23061. We started putting up our
Christmas lights on October 8th and finished on November 21st. During
this time frame we worked every night with help from family and friends.
On thanksgiving we had our family grand illumination, which included
fireworks and about one hundred family members, friends, and neighbors.
Our display has become a community symbol for the holidays. We have
roughly 200,000 lights, 42 inflatables, and over 100 yard sculptures. We
power this display with 31 dedicated 20 amp circuits which is trenched
throughout the yard. We have added another 200 amp service to our home
which powers the 3,500 feet of underground power cable. Our local radio
station helps promote our display and food drives. We collect for our
local church pantries, Salvation Army, and animal shelter. Last year we
collected and distributed over three tons of food and animal supplies.
This year our goal is to reach at least four tons or more.


Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year from Aaron & Kristen Jabkowski , Mesa Arizona. This is our first
year doing lights at this house, my 13th year doing lights overall. We
have 30,000 computer controlled lights using 24 channels of LOR. 1,000
lights inside the house and 2,000 lights in the backyard. I’m using
about 150 extension cords, next year I plan on scaling my display back
and going into business hanging other peoples lights instead. Check out
our website to see all my work over the years, feel free to email me
with questions or comments. Thanks and Happy Holidays






HI All and Merry Christmas 2007. 41,000 lights. About 20,000 LEDs. 21ft
mega tree. 10 ft color changing tree. 17 mini trees. Leaping light
arches. Giant ornaments. Etc.

The Schultz


We have been
decorating for about 5 years. 64 channels LOR. This year seemed to be
the most challenging. We thank the Hansen’s for there support and help.
We have really enjoyed decorating. We wish everyone a very happy and
safe holiday season.

Don and Sonja
Honeycutt Omaha, NE


17,200 lights. 32 LOR Channels
broadcasted over 93.9FM. 12’ tall mega tree and 1 6 foot helium balloon
with lights. More info…
Thanks Chuck, Brian


Hi, I used some of the ideas
from your site and the new GE sound and light show. My display is in the
renaissance park subdivision, Broken Arrow, OK. Jeff Johnson.




My name is Shane Carter from Hiram Georgia. In only my 2nd year of doing
this I’m pretty proud of myself. I have a total of 3280 lights. This is
not including the 2 strands of lighted garland, 2 grapevine deer, 2
prelit entry way trees or the manger scene. I’m really just getting
started and have lots of plans in the years to come. I have almost 3
acres to play with (2 of those being free and clear land) so the
possibilities are pretty much endless. If your ever near Hiram look me
up. I love talking to folks on this great site and getting & sharing
many ideas.


I have about
3,000 lights, and a NOMA chasing light controller for the spiral trees,
3D deer, and all the lights in the tree. Have a blessed Christmas
season! Robert Sanders, San Jose, CA


This display has been a static
display for 10 years. We are located in west Ft Worth TX. This year we
stepped into the computer controlled world. We have created a 96 channel
show containing 7 songs/sequences. Come by weekdays 6-10 and weekends
6-11. Tune your radio to 107.7 FM and enjoy the show! Directions:



Here is a link to the videos:





house in Oshawa, Ontario. This year we have added solar lights to our
display as well as having added a GE Lights & Sounds of Christmas box to
animate our lights and provide music for the neighborhood.


Our home in
Sienna Plantation in Missouri City, TX outside of Houston, TX. We
finally crossed the 40K light barrier this year. We added 4 Dedicated
Outlets this year and still blowing breakers. They do not make them like
they used to. Enjoy and Merry Christmas. The Marino Family. 3515 London
Lane Missouri City, TX 77459


Whole house
decorated (Walls and trees fade between two different themes). I even
have Christmas lights inside the fridge. No official count done yet as
I’m still adding more. Merry Christmas too all!



Here is our
contribution of our light decorations for 2007, This is now the second
time we submitted our house to planet Christmas, I really enjoy putting
up the display and love the reaction I get from people passing by. I
wish some of my displays showed up a bit better like my home made
nativity set I make out of limbs and hay I get from the woods behind the
house. If you look close you can see the cross behind Joseph and Mary
and red lights under Jesus’ crib. As usual we added more stuff again,
namely a blow up carousel and a cool penguin you can see on the porch.
BTW can you believe all these lights are reliably running on 35 amps,
Not too bad at 4200 watts, It seems like a lot more than that. Anyway
Merry Christmas to all! Martin & Cindy in Bayport NY


from Battle Ground, IN. Almost 58,000 lights controlled by 136 Light-O-Rama
channels. New this year are 14 more mini-trees, seven shooting stars,
four pairs of wireframe bells on the house, and a 25′ diameter (40 foot
arc) 28 channel leaping arch. Our show consists of six songs and last
about 20 minutes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The Hoover Family.


This is our second year with an
animated display. Since last year, we added another controller (at 96
channels now) and started changing out a lot of the mini’s strings of
lights to LED to stop the inside lights from flickering during most of
the songs J We have 25,000 lights animated to 15 songs. Our house is
located in Kenosha Wisconsin. Here are some links to our new animations.
Rolly Polly the Polar Bear:

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer:

Mele Kalikimaka:

Wizzards in Winter:

Sleigh Ride:

Christmas Eve in Sarajevo:

Merry Christmas, James & Carri Kiehl.


Hi everyone.
This is my second year decorating. As each year gets bigger and bigger.
There is all sorts of things that the picture doesn’t show, but you all
know how that works. One thing to point out is the new runway for Santa.
Too bad you cant see it flashing. I have close to 20,000 lights so far
and many more are stored in the shed ready for more planning next year.
Hope yawl enjoy. The Adams Family. Clayton, North Carolina


Christmas to everyone. This is my 8th year stringing Christmas lights. I
took 30 pictures or so and couldn’t seem to get the whole house and both
yards all in one picture. I really wish I could show you my display with
audio and video to see the whole show but I guess you will have to drive
by and check it out. We are on the corner of 8th and Ford in Barberton.
There are 22,681 Computer Controlled Lights, 92 Independent Channels,
82.77 Amps. That come on at 5:30pm and shut off at 9pm (Sometimes
Earlier Sometimes Later). I’m already planning new ideas for next year.


Christmas from Pennsylvania!!

Here is our
family’s home for the 2007 Christmas Season. Every year I add more
lights. This year I purchased Mr. Christmas’ ‘The Lights and Sounds of
Christmas’ for the two reindeer and four trees in the front. It is a
completely self-contained unit with six channels and 40 songs. While it
is not a mega-channel LOR or D-Light product, it still produces a nice
effect. The neighbors loved it at our ‘Turning on the Lights’ party on
December 1. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy and
healthy New Year!


After putting
up my modest 6,500 bulb display, I am ready for more! Thanks for your
advice, help and PLUS this year (I attended). All the best to you and


Holidays from Scott & Sheri Barclay in Montville CT. Sorry, we couldn’t
get everything in one picture. The house has over 2,000 lights (and
growing every year) along with our blowups and cast of characters.. Ho
Ho Ho



I have a
small yard but I still was able to decorate almost all of the trees in
my front yard tastefully. I hope you like.



This is our second year submitting our home to this site. We have added
a few more lights and displays this year. Unfortunately we can not fit
the entire yard and house in the picture so half of it will have to do.
We have seen so many good ideas on this site and are hoping to be able
to use a few next year. Happy Holidays to all. The Plymel Family. Mentor
on the Lake, Ohio


It’s a tradition at the Renczkowski house at 232 Bolton Station Road in
Lancaster, Mass. to get a little crazy during Christmas. We start early,
the day after Halloween, by taking all the decorations down from the
attic, in an assembly line of course, until we pack a number of rooms –
the spare bedroom and living room with boxes and plastic figurines. My
father Gary and brother Mark start decorating the outside of the home
and my mother Debbie and I decorate the inside. On Thanksgiving night we
light up the house, officially. Usually the neighbors stand by or are
already there, helping to stand up the 14 foot soldier at his post, in
front of our home. My dad’s known as Mr. Christmas and is always outside
the house, fixing a light bulb or making adjustments to the flying
reindeer and other decorations. Usually he shocks himself in the
process… it doesn’t help standing on a metal ladder. He buys massive
amounts of candy canes and hands them out to little kids outside. When
it snows he clears a path in the lawn for people to walk through,
because we’re always getting people posing for photos on the front lawn.
It’s a fun time during the year and my family looks forward to it. It’s
nice to see the smiles on little kid’s faces as they wave out the car
window. Thank you for letting me share my family’s story. -Amy
Renczkowski, Groton, CT (formerly of Lancaster, Mass)


Dominic Luberto

Plain, MA

lights in 2007


Our display
has over 70,000 lights. The display is computer controlled with 128
separate light channels. The lights are synchronized to music. The music
is broadcast over a low power FM radio transmitter. In the yard there is
over 20 animated decorations. There is a Santa’s Workshop that is 12′
long with 3 windows and 9 animated elves and Santa. The giant tree
stands about 40’ high. 10 multi color and clear arches, 36’ feet wide,
span the driveway. 26 separate red and clear sections cover the roof
along with five 11’ tall trees.


We have around 10000 lights
most are coordinated with the Mr. Christmas Sound and Light box (had to
be rewired). We are in Broken Arrow, OK. To see the display in motion
click the links



Jeff Johnson


This is my 2nd year doing a
Christmas display. We now have 96 channels with over 15,000 lights
(mostly LEDs) dancing to music.


We are Glenn and Christina Barber of Spring Hill, Tennessee. Once again,
we are featuring the Cross on top of the house, but this year we have
added two Flying Horn Blowing Angels beside the cross. We also added a
barn to our nativity Scene and aprox. 5,000 more lights to our tree
line, backyard and front yard. We hope that if you are anywhere close to
Spring Hill, Tennessee during the Christmas Holidays, you will drop by
and see our lights and share a cup of Hot Chocolate with us. Merry
Christmas to all and have a safe Holiday.

Glenn and
Christina Barber


Our display
in Simi Valley, CA. 30,000 lights and counting



Candy Cane Christmas House, St. Louis Mo.

You can see a Mr. Christmas in
action at


J. K. Gaines


Our home is located in
beautiful Pawleys Island, SC. This is our 4th year year in this house
for Christmas and our third year decorating. We have a total of 18,000
lights. All four sides of our house are lit up. Since we live on a lake,
the lights really glisten off the water when looking at the back from
the other side. Key features include our two 6 foot soldiers guarding
the front porch and a 6 1/2′ Santa watching the neighbors in the front
window. Christmas music plays outside each night for passersby. Inside,
we have a 10′ tree and seven mini trees throughout the house. Our pride
and joy is our replica of the Advent House from the movie Christmas
Vacation, which I have built from scratch. I have finally finished it
this year. Here’s a link to our all new website:
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All.


Here’s our
home in Las Vegas NV. It’s our second year of decorating. It’s tough to
decorate with some of the features our home has but we do what we can.


This is our
first year submitting our picture, so we hope you enjoy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Fitzsimmons Family in
Gibsonton, FL 2007.


Season greetings from Sweden.
Here is my display for 2007. Currently running 13390 lights. 125 light
strings with a total length of 939m (3130feet). First year with LOR, its
great. I have 32 channels and run a 2 min standalone show, just to learn
till next year, but its amazing and powerful. Its great to get the power
bill a bit smaller, 4 kilowatts per hour. Max amps for my display is 24
(thanks for 230V. The local media has opened their eyes for my display
this year, been on the front page of newspapers! Check my site for
pictures and upcoming movies of the show.

Merry Christmas from Niklas Adolfsson, Sweden.


This is the
Fiedler house in Ellicott City, Maryland. This is special because we are
one of the houses selected for the HGTV special “What’s up with that
decorated Christmas House”. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday


We are back for 2007 with a 12
½ foot Christmas tree. For more photos please visit


Merry Christmas, The Rogers family from Slapout Alabama.


Here we go again with our 2007 installment of the Hollar festival of
lights. We have enjoyed displaying and viewing lights for the Christmas
Holiday for several years. This will be our 4th year living in our
current house. Our development has a contest every year and so far we
have two 1st place and one 2nd place finishes. (we placed 2nd our first
year and 1st the last two) Not that we do it for the contest but it’s
fun to brag all year long. This year we are burning approx. 14000
lights. Our children really love this time of year. So with that, we
want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Be
Safe!! Brad, Stacy, Rylie and Evan Hollar, Morgantown, WV USA


Hi, my name is Dominic Moretti and I’m 16 years old. This is my home in
Illinois decorated for Christmas. I have been doing this since I was
about six. I usually begin to plan in about July, and begin set up
November first. I have acquired everything in the yard through buying it
myself, or presents from everyone in my family. I really enjoy doing
this, and hearing about how much people enjoy it and I plan to continue
with it for many Christmas’ to come. Also, I would like to dedicate my
display this year to my amazing grandpa who will be spending Christmas
in Heaven this year. Merry Christmas to everyone, and remember to keep
in mind who this season’s all about.


While we have had a static
Christmas display for years, this is our second with computer animated
lighting. Our display consists of 80 Light-O-Rama channels, two
different shows shown an alternating nights with a story to tie the
songs together, a tri-mega tree, 16 mini-trees, an animated angel,
twinkling snowflakes in the sky, and 20,000 lights, broadcasting on
91.1FM. When the video is completed, it can be viewed at
Merry Christmas to all from Prairie Village, KS (suburb of Kansas City)


Merry Christmas from Rocklin,
CA. Visit

find out more about our animated display with 50,000 lights and 200+
channels of computer control! May your Christmas be merry and bright!
The Reichsteins


This is my third year to submit
my pictures to your website. I love looking at all the pictures. I am
sending some pictures. I have many more on my website,

I have upgraded to a lot of LED lights this year. I love them. I have 60
Extension Cords, 2,200 Miniature Bulbs, 1,610 Miniature LED Bulbs, 3
Strands Regular Icicle Lights, 18 Strands LED Icicle Lights, 65 Lighted
Figures, 12 Rope Lights, 5 Wood Yard Art Figures, and I am pulling 45.7
Amps Across 5 Circuits. I have a plc doing some animation on my shed. I
am located in Bethel Springs, TN and would like to wish everyone a very
Merry Christmas. Thanks, Michelle Heath


The residence at 2704 Whetstone
Drive in Corinth, Texas 76210 features an animated display with
approximately 45,000 lights. Synchronized music will be broadcast on
107.3 FM station, nightly from 6 to 10:30 pm Sunday thru Thursday, 6 to
11:30 pm Friday and Saturday unless raining or wet, through
approximately Jan 1st. Donations are being taken on their website for
Operation Kindness in Carrollton, Texas, a no kill animal shelter.
Please visit at


This is our first year with an
animated light show. I only have 4 trees connected to a 8 usb channel
driver. Next year will be bigger.

Christmas from Bill, Penny and James!


This year
didn’t turn out the way I pictured. Everyone bragged, i guess it looks
better in person. But I’m rest assured (though, last year I failed
big-time to make it on the ugly Christmas lights lists… :D) My only
excuse is that I’m legally blind. 😀 But everyone is enjoying it. I’m
rather shocked overall by the appearance, in some aspect.



Holiday’s from the Flowers family in Rochester, Michigan. This years
display features about 100,000 lights that are pulling 450 Amps of
power. That’s down about 150 Amps from last year. Those LED lights
really do make a difference. About half of our display is now LED. Those
450 Amps were spread across 38 20-Amp breakers. Next year I hope to
convert the 8,000+ Icicle lights to LED as well. This year we started
putting out the display on Sept 15 and were to ready to light until Dec
2nd. There just aren’t enough hours in a day ! Cheers….Norm Flowers


The Best Christmas LED Light
show moving lights snow! Over 30,000 Lights displayed this year. This
can almost be Seen from Outer Space. All lights in this display are LED
Energy efficient lights so rest assured our carbon footprint is intact.
Light Design and Programmer: Santa Claus – Cave Creek, AZ Phoenix



Located in Folsom California
(near Sacramento) been decorating for over 20 years and third year with
Light-o-Rama, 48 channels, 9 songs this year. We have animated
fiberglass nutcrackers, Santa and reindeer. Along with some cutouts, a
snoopy doghouse and 20 foot mega tree. Or website is

if you want to look us up. Merry Christmas all and I hope everyone has a
wonderful year!


194,906 for 2007


Ciao and
Happy Christmas


Massimiliano Goglio from Italy for

La Casa di Babbo Natale

Via dei Platani, 31

20077 Melegnano (MI)



We are
located in Summerville, South Carolina. Attached is a picture of our
house after 10,000 lights were added (with a ton of patience from my
family). It is a static display, with a few animated figures; the lights
go all the way around the back, since the back of the house can be
viewed from the main road. Merry Christmas, The Frank Family




Hi from the
Shuman House in Pickerington, Ohio! The tradition continues because of
my late father’s love of Christmas lights.

Christmas from Bradley, Katie, Justin and Kris!


This is our third year
decorating for Christmas but our first year in our new house. Because we
were so busy these last few months, I was only able to put up about half
of our display. Our display feature lots of different decorations but my
favorite is our blowmold collection. Our house is located at 1111 16th
Street North in Princeton, Minnesota. I would love to hear from other
Christmas decorating enthusiasts. Please email me at

[email protected]
Thanks, Nathan, Amy and Aaron Morton


The Christmas display features
a 14 ft. tall rainbow (4800 lights), 11 ft tall waterfall w/ 30 ft. long
stream (8,000+ lights), singing frogs and snowmen, disco ball, 20 ft
tall tree, and many other fun things. The lights and the waterfall on
the left side of the yard are synchronized with music. There is also a
drop off for food and money for the Thurston County food bank. Happy
holidays from the Lights at Ken Lake in Olympia, Washington. Videos can
be watched at this link



Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year from Indian Trail, North Carolina . This year we have 55,043 lights
that include 13 blowups. This I built a Santa Toy Factory and a Hot
Cocoa Cup that was designed with a Candy Cane Stirrer to collect
donations for the local Children’s Hospital. These new items are
additions to my previously built projects that are displayed throughout
my property. They include an 8 foot Santa’s Castle, a Gingerbread House
and the Santa Train. All can be view in the link below and select the
Christmas 2007 option and run the slideshow.

Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!


I’ve been
working on this display in Westminster, Colorado for almost 20 years
now! There are revolving 4 foot gingerbread people, a six-foot working
Ferris wheel, lots of animated displays and about 20,000 lights! John


there’s over 1,500 sets of light, I start in early Oct. I live so close
to the airport, I tell everyone that I have to call them to let them
know the light are coming on! so the planes don’t land on my house. The
lights are on from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm every night till Jan. 1st.I put
lights up on the 3 neighbors houses to add to the festival of lights. I
have over 10 blow up yard decorations, Mickey Mouse riding a train ,lots
of hand made decorations, You can listen to 87.9 fm in your car or
listen to it out side thru speakers, to hear Christmas music and watch
some light flash to the beat of the music. Also there is a Santa that
dancing to the music. Some nights the cars line up for 2 blocks just to
come see the lights. So if your ever in Glen Burnie come see the lights.
528 Delmare Ave, Glen Burnie,Md.


Dear PlanetChristmas: The
Koenig family is happy to submit our decorated home with over 100
computer channels synchronize the 44,000 lights (80 amps of power) to
music that is played on 4 outdoor speakers and broadcast locally over
91.3 FM. Other features include a bubble blower, nativity scene, Santa’s
Workshop, Polar Bear / Iceberg scene, snowman snowball fight, Ferris
wheel w/ Elf Ticket booth, Penguins roasting marshmallows, animated
archway, and a pink cancer awareness tree. The display runs daily from
5pm to 10pm. Merry Christmas, The Koenig Family


Oxnard’s historic 97 year
old bandstand comes to life this holiday season in a high tech way.
Decorated with over 27,000 multicolored lights a computer programmed
music and light show will entertain crowds every evening throughout
December from 5-10 PM. “These types of high tech lighting displays
are becoming more popular with homeowners. Websites such as

are dedicated to show you how to outdo your neighbor’s Christmas
display. Few if any local civic displays have come up with this
level said Oxnard resident Gary Blum who spearheaded designing the
exhibit with a 6 member crew and assistance with funding from
downtown merchants. The City owned bandstand is known as the Pagoda
locally because of its Craftsman/Asian design popular in 1910 when
it was built in Plaza Park at Fifth & “C “ Streets in the town
square. Nine different Christmas songs pulse with over 27,000
lights, 22 Christmas trees, 12 animated characters and with some
extra lighting effects that most homeowners would dream of being
able to incorporate into their displays including fiber optic, LED
floodlights and strobe special effects. Oxnard is already home to
Christmas Tree Lane, Ventura County’s largest Christmas display just
a few blocks away where nearly 140 homes on ‘F’ & ‘G’ streets in the
city’s historic district were turned on Dec 9th. “You can’t help but
get in the holiday mood when you come to Downtown Oxnard” said Blum.
Blum said he received several calls from shopping malls as far away
as Oregon that wanted to contract with him to come up with displays
to attract customers. “The display we did in 2006 was the first we
had done but it was very popular giving the reviving downtown a
Disneyesque attraction during the holidays. The show is sponsored by
the Oxnard Downtown Management District with support from the City
of Oxnard’s Parks Department. For more information call (805)
385-2705 or visit


Thanks for
such a great site including information and pictures. Here are about
12,000 thousand lights on and around our house with some animated




This is our
first Christmas in our new house in Williamsburg, KY. We have 5000
lights up so far and next year we hope to have an even larger display
for everyone to see and enjoy Boyd, Leann and Stacy Abrams


My name is Henry Rossio. Merry Christmas.


We did the
same thing as last year pretty much, and had just a couple of additions
that we are happy with. A GIANT wreath that I hand wrapped which sits
over the garage doors, and during the summer, someone around the corner
was throwing out a wire frame Santa Claus that was wrapped with white
lights….. I stripped all the lights and tie wrapped new lights onto
the frame with the correct color bulbs and we are very happy with the
way it came out. What a find! Hopefully next year we can add a couple of
more things. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

The Maresco’s in Wallkill, NY


Greetings from The New Jersey shore! Going for a completely retro
feeling with my display, all C9’s and blowmolds! Highlights include
several Don Featherstone signed pieces, an Empire Nativity, and a
Poloron Giant Santa. Planning on going hi-tech retro next year, and
replacing all incandescent with LED, but still keeping the blowmolds!
Merry Christmas from the Flynn family!


Our display
is located in Taylor, Michigan. It features 26,000 total lights with the
roof lights and candy cane lights surrounding the yard that are
synchronized to music with 20 different songs. There are over 100
decorations on the house and in the yard with 30 of them that are
animated. Over 3500 feet of extension cord is used in the display which
is powered almost exclusively by generator. This is our 6th year doing
this display and it grows by approximately 10% every year.


Here is Michael and Rosina
Liquori’s display for Christmas 2007. Located in Glen Cove NY. We were
featured on HGTV’s “Whats With That Christmas House”. You can also find
us in the newly released book called “Merry Christmas America.” We have
a nice two page spread there. The display has over 25000 lights 30 air
blown inflatables and over 450 blow molds. You can here our Christmas
music nightly on our own radio station, by tuning into Santa 104.9 FM.
We would like to thank the Demented Elf for all the great voice over
work. You can visit us on the web at

” Merry Christmas “


Hi. I’ve attached some photos
of my Christmas light display in my front yard in Santee (in San Diego
County), California. It took me a week to get this all set up. Also, I
have the lights synchronized to music. You can view some videos at the
following URLs:



Kevin and
Angie Key, Santee, California


This is our Hawaiian Christmas display… We have a hula girl… jet ski
Santa… pink flamingos… fish swimming in kelp… Merry Christmas sign
spelled the Hawaiian way… Hawaiian Christmas sea monster… more
fishes jumping out of the water… lighted crab and lobsters and sea
horse walking around under our lighted palm trees… lighted parrots …
a tiki God with a wearing a Christmas hat which says “I Believe” and
lots of red and white flowers decorating the lawn.


This is the Bisignano Family
Christmas display. The display features over a dozen air blown
inflatables, and over 100 lawn display items. The display feature
Christmas themed music on the weekends in the evenings. There is a
life-size Santa Claus and Ms. Claus along with over 20 moving dolls in
the windows. This display is located on Teri court in Jackson, NJ. We
can be reached at

[email protected]

Christmas and a Happy New Year


Here is a picture of our house. With the house and the yard we display
about 5,000 lights. This has been an ongoing project for the last few

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Port Charlotte FL.


Merry Christmas from the Mulville’s in Yuba City, California. This is
our second year decorating. Already planning for next year! The C7’s
outlining the lawn, windows, and doors are random sparkle which makes it
difficult to get a good picture, but so pretty in person. Best Wishes.


Hi Chuck. This years offering from The Howell Family in Redruth,
Cornwall, England. I can’t believe that this is the fifth year we have
sent you a picture! Work commitments have meant that I haven’t been able
to give too much time to this years display, however, there are
ambitious plans in place for 2008 – Watch this space!! Wishing everyone
at Planet Christmas a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year and
thanks for the great work you do to brighten us up whatever time of

Andrew, Julie, Charlotte, Francis & Liam Howell

andrew.howell(at) It would be great to hear from you!


Hey Chuck, thanks again for
putting this together.

Here is my pic of the “Langford Lights” This year with 2 homes
synchronized to music. My house has 32 channels and my neighbors house
has 16. It’s been a lot of fun and seeing all the work slowly coming to
life has been an absolute blast. We enjoy talking to all of the
neighbors and visitors that come by and watch the show… Merry
Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. To find out more visit


This year our
theme was “Joy To The Small World” featuring lighted structures from
around the world along with w 10’ earth suspended in mid-air. The Eifel
Tower is everyone’s favorite. We also have the Big Ben, the Sydney Opera
House, a Mayan pyramid, and a windmill. We have about 30k lights, mostly
LED and 96 channels of Light-O-Rama goodness. The music is mostly
traditional Christmas songs played in other languages (Mandarin,
Italian, Japanese, and Spanish). We have already won 1st place in our
city’s holiday light contest.


Hi. This years display from us in Diss Norfolk England Hope you all like


Merry Christmas from the Martocci family in Brandon, Florida. Here is a
picture of our house this year. It currently has a little over 42,000
lights with some dancing to music. This started about 10 years ago with
just a couple of thousand lights and has grown each year since.


After years
of adding lights, we have run out of room, hope you enjoy!


Merry Christmas from the
Girards in Anaheim Hills California. See more pictures by

clicking here


Hello Friends & Family:

Merry Christmas to all! Okay…here’s my first attempt to video tape the
house…I had no idea how to work the camera! Of course it’s better in


Heidi Mezenski, Kings Canyon Court, Tracy, CA


The Gingerbread House. We invite you to visit and enjoy the Kleiberg’s
4th Annual Christmas Light Display. There are over 30,000 lights that
decorate the yard and many handmade and hand painted attractions. Walk
through lighted paths to see a 20’ long Christmas train, Santa and his
reindeer, polar bears and deer, candlesticks and candy canes, and, of
course, a Christmas star. See Winnie the Pooh and friends skating on an
outdoor ice sheet and cartoon heroes enjoying a Ferris wheel ride!
Location: 2683 – 204 Street, Langley, Dates: December 1st to January
1st, Times: 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 pm, Donations are gratefully accepted and
all proceeds are given to the charitable organizations supported by the
Township of Langley Fire Department. These are: Pacific Riding for
Developing Abilities, Langley Ishtar (Home for Abused Women and
Children), Langley Special Olympics for Special Needs Children. In 2006,
we were able to donate $2,817 to the Fire Department on behalf of all
those who donated. Thank you for your generosity.


Roger and Sally DeBolt from Boise Idaho. We have over 40,000 lights
sequenced to music with 170 channels using Light-O-Rama controllers. We
add to the display every year and have begun putting lights in our
neighbor’s trees. This year we have added over 10,000 LED lights and is
our second year putting our lights to music. We are also a Toys for Tots
drop for the second year as well.


Merry Christmas from the Whittemores in Wilmington, NC!

This year we’ve added a landing strip for Santa’s sleigh, two dozen
lighted candy canes, and a “fence” around the front yard. Over 11,000
lights burning, and hanging more every week. It never ends! We took a
cue from a few members and are collecting toys for the Salvation army
this year. So far the response has been good. I’ve had to take the
barrel in once already and we still have a week to collect more. The
season to me is all about making it bright for others. Thank you Chuck
and PlanetChristmas for all you do! We’ll see you next year with an even
bigger display!


Hi everybody, I hope things are
going well! I would appreciate your vote for my Christmas display in
these 2 National contests! Thanks and Merry Christmas! Ron

Neighborhood contest

voting dates Dec. 14th through Dec. 21st

Festive Fanatics contest

voting dates Dec. 17th through Dec. 20th


My first animated Christmas using 32 Channels LOR. Some old stuff and
some new lights outlining the house red and blue. I am an newbie to this
site it’s true, I cant wait till next year with all your how to’s to see
what I can do. Friends and Family think I am crazy seem I am in good
company. I have lots of wire frames and blow molds next year we go for
the mega tree and more channels. Thanks PlanetChristmas. They think I am
crazy but they have loved every minute of this years adventure.
Neighbors are pretty cool about it too. Ed from Patchogue Long Island NY


Hi there. This is my display in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa. I do
it every year and hope that it brings joy to all who come and look.



outside-inside the house display by Joe Jankowski.

See more pictures of my walk
through display at by

clicking here

hope you
enjoy it.


Christmas To Everyone from Tran’s family in Moore, Oklahoma. This is our
10th year of Christmas Display, 4th years of LOR music display, and
first year submitting our display to this website. Our display is
combined both regular and LED lights, and synchronized with 25 songs
playing every night from 6pm-10pm.


Happy Holidays from the Hayward’s in Joppa MD. We are located at 3008
West Franklinville Rd. 21085. This is our second time on PlanetChristmas.
We have about 30,000 lights, 4 blow ups, a projector image (lower left),
(homemade items include) 8 single archways covering about 175’ of our
350’ driveway that you drive under to get up to the house, 2 sets of 7’
candy canes, 5 large Christmas trees and 6 small trees, a round archway
on the back yard gate (to the left side of the house), a 9’ 6” Christmas
star (top right) and 2–7’ snowmen and a 3’ 5 point star. Other items
Santa snowboarding, 6 deer, and a glass case with animated Christmas
figurines and much more. It takes me about 3 weeks to complete and
covers about an acre of my property. Power to supply this display is
1-30 amp 2-pole breaker, 7-20 amp breakers and 1-15 amp, with a lot of
extension cords and electrical romex. As with most of us that light up
the neighborhood we continue to add and change each year. Merry
Christmas to all. Thank you, Scott Hayward


Merry PlanetChristmas. My 12-year-old elf and I put together a new
display every year, with this year’s theme as a football game between
Santa’s reindeer and the Snowmen, refereed by the Penguins. Not shown in
the picture are additional items including flying reindeer & sleigh,
tunnel of lights over driveway, and a small forest of spiral trees.
Nearing 30000 lights, this is our 9th year decorating with ~20% growth
each year. Sorry, Santa hasn’t brought us computer synchronized lights &
music yet… but maybe if we’re good this year! Happy Holidays to all.
The Lachendro Family from Cranberry Twp. PA


lights that
go to the music



New to

About 1000

1 inflatable.
Brent Aubrey


Read the article [Let It Glow!] in the December 16-22 edition of
American Profile. It was an enjoyable article to read and one I could
relate to. For years now, I have been decorating my house. While the
challenge to add more and have the electricity to power it can be a
daunting task, the joy it brings to kids, both young and old, brings a
satisfaction far surpassing that challenge. Merry Christmas, The Villani
Family. Chantilly, VA


Here is the Long Hill Volunteer fd station#3 4229 Masison Ave Trumbull
CT. The house consists of 40,000 lights and is sync. to music with 32
channels. Also our decorated fire truck which consists of 5000 + lights
(we lost track) 200 watt stereo system as well as 6 strobing toy
soldiers and 2 strobing snow men. Also a snow machine.


This is our
house in 2007. It took allot of effort to get the lights up on the roof,
but all that hard work was worth it! We won the neighborhood light
contest and we also blew about fifty fuses, the breakers went out eight
times, and we had close to one hundred broken lights in the whole deal.
Words of advice…………….

Don’t try
this at home!!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


Our display is located in San
Diego, and our website is
. We
have 48,000 lights, and 350 channels of Light o Rama control this year.
Our display is dedicated to our two sons, Brandon and Stephen, who both
have Autism. It’s a labor of love, and a way for Brandon and I to spend
some good quality time together…New features this year include The
Talking Heads (Dad and Brandon), the Christmas Word Tree, and The
Dancing Stephen animated figure. Please come by if you’re in the area
and share the Holiday magic with us at Belardo Lights…


Our 2007 display in Cape Town, South Africa. Our best wishes for a fun
filled festive season. Kind regards. Marius & Hetta van Zyl. Parow, Cape
Town, South Africa


We are located on Hillsdale
Ave., in Greencastle, Indiana. While viewing our display from the
comfort of your car, we will broadcast live music into your car stereo.
Just set your dial to 107.5fm, and enjoy the lights and music. (Our
display is a static display, and is not computerized.) On the porch we
have the animatronic Santa and Snowman. Also we have new Blue LED lights
outlining the roof. The bushes this year are red and green. And in the
two trees we have lights 25ft up in the air! We hope to see you soon,
and have a Happy Holiday Season! More photos can be seen at




My first Animated Light Show! All Done with a Cheepo 6 channel box I
bought from the local Wal-Mart! Next year I’m going LOR with some arches
a megatree and tons of mini trees! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
from the Wagner Family in Levittown Pennsylvania!


Here is Something we added to our XMAS display Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS
from Vic Malvo & Family

Ferry Pa


Charles and Janice Vinson

2313 Cleveland Ave.

Decatur, Al 35601


Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year from the Winstons!! Located in Spring, Texas we are in our second
year of synchronization to music using Light-O-Rama. This year we have
11,300 lights synchronized to 15 songs using 16 channels. Last year we
raised over $400 for the Arrow Project and this year our display is
dedicated to Royal Family Kids Camp. (
We are located on the

Christmas Light Display Community Map

if you would like to stop by! You can also view videos by visiting our

YouTube Channel.


Christmas from Fort Wayne, IN.


Holidays from A.J. in Garden City, New York I’m twelve years old and
LOVE Christmas Lights. I am currently pulling 35 amps and use all 10 or
12 gauge extension cords. I estimate that we have 20,000 lights. The
property goes further left but due to the camera lens it can not go any
wider (and I can’t stand back any further). Next year I will be getting
a led mat to go on the roof ( from color Kinetics and in the move “Deck
the Halls”). (I finally convinced my dad to get it). As you can tell I
want to be an electrician.


Hi Chuck,

I have 11,500 lights
approximately. The Mega tree attached photo has 3500 green and clear
minis. Using one of the CTB-16KV6 kits I built. My theme is “Little
Saint Nick” using the Beach Boys song. I have 88 channels for my
display, using 14 electric circuits I installed just for the Christmas
display. I installed 200 amp service in Sept. I have the video on

. I am not a
big fan of You Tube but I did not know of another way to send my video
in a small enough file. Merry Christmas, Marty Spain (HejhogMarty)


This IS my first first attempt with an animated light show. I have
approx. 10,000 individual lights run by 2 light-o-rama 30 amp
controllers& a low power fm transmitter. There are 11 mini trees and
over 40 rope lights and many strands of led lights in the display. Next
year will be bigger, as I am already planning. I enjoy the lights and
seeing others that enjoy them. Merry Christmas from Ken in Myrtle Beach,


In keeping with the true
meaning of Christmas, our “Joy” sign is front and center. It invites
visitors to enjoy the display as well as reflect on the reason for the
celebration. The sign is built out of plywood and lit by a ground level
flood light. The green lamp post lights are compact fluorescent lights
(CFL) and 75 % of the display is made up of LED bulbs. Each week we add
a string or two to the display and now have a little over 7,200 bulbs.
Lights in the two tall trees and the 7 mini trees are controlled by a
Light Show in a Box by Animated Lighting, using 16 channels. Next year –
more channels. Any questions or comments contact me at

[email protected]


Season’s Greetings from the “Crossroads of America” Joliet, Illinois! We
have been decorating about 9 years, and have about 60 Blowmolds in our
side and back yards, with “Snoopy” over looking Interstate 80 nightly
from atop his house. We set up our yard by themes like Nativity ,
Snowman Convention, Gingerbread Houses and Family, Penquin Family,
Choirs with Church, Santa Express with Elves, Support Our Troops Soldier
Display, Mickey and Minnie, Candy Canes, Blinking Trees, Angel Choir
singing below the Rockdale Star, and a few more. But since I can only
submit one picture, We will show you the small front yard with lights,
Santa and Reindeers Parking Area, Drummer Boys and Mr & Mrs Claus.
Lighted Nightly from Dec1- Jan 1. Music from the College of St Francis
FM nightly. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Jerry and Ruby


We only live
in a small house and can’t afford some of the lights we’d like to have,
but we do put together the best display in the street!


John A.


We are carrying on 40 years of
a family tradition! Our garage is converted into Santa’s Workshop each
Christmas. With over 10,000 lights, it features 2 trains, three trees,
100 moving figures, and much more. The exterior of the house has another
25K lights and 64 channels that blink to music. We sit outside each
night and talk with visitors and neighbors. Come on by if you are ever
in South Florida! Name: John and Danielle Copeland. Address: 1437 SW
24th Lane Palm City, FL 34990. Website:


My name is Lori and my 13 year old son Billy has been doing this for
three years. Every year he adds a little bit more to the display. This
year we have over 100,000 lights 400 strands, 6 inflatiables, and over
100 yard decorations. We have every single outlet in our house maxed out
plus a 9750 watt generator maxed out. He started around September and
just finished about two weeks ago. Our address is 13 Sterling Court in
East Brunswick New Jersey.

Thank You,

Lori Billy and Ryan

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


Giving it our
best shot. We live in a place where people have forgotten how to make an
effort to make the holiday a little brighter. We take time out of our
schedule to light up every Christmas. It makes people feel better and I
think it is catching on again. John and Diana


It is a
pleasure to be here for 3rd years consecutive with my Christmas village.
Thank you and merry Christmas to all from Tijuana, Mexico. Karla


Hi Chuck,
Attached is our 2007 photo. Tim and Yuni of Callahan Florida.
We have approx. 60,000 lights. 284 Computer Controlled Channels. Over
1.5 Miles of Cable. 20 Ft, 4900 light Mega Tree. 67 mini trees. Our
display is synchronized to music and is broadcast on 95.7 FM. The show
is about 31 minutes long and runs approximately every 15 – 20 minutes.


Hello from
Plant City Florida!! This is our 3rd year decorating this home. We have
so much fun doing it and really enjoy the folks that stop by, especially
the kids. We really do love your website, and look forward to looking at
all the different pictures. Merry Christmas to all, John and Terri


First year with computer controlled display. Star, sleigh, Santa, and
deer are on timers. Nativity set is on 3 timers with on and offs at
various sequences. Rest of the yard is controlled by 6 LOR boxes.
Approximately 20,000 lights and 14,000 feet of wire including power
cords, Cat 5 cables, extension cords, light sets, RF transmitter, etc.
The mega trees are on 20 ft Sunsetter flagpoles with 4800 lights on each
one—67 lbs of lights. We also made 10 mini trees with 100 each of multi
lights and 100 each of gold lights. We used color caps on the sleigh
(blue) and the two deer (orange) to cut down the glare that white lights
was giving. We have rope lights in the pine trees and on the regular
flag pole. Lights around the driveway are the 7 color changing LEDs. We
are syncing to “Wizards in Winter” and “Mad Russians Christmas” by TSO
and Jingle Bells Techno. We are about a quarter mile off the highway (6
& 34) and 2 miles east of Culbertson, NE. Gerald & Rosemary Corey
quackgr on Planet Christmas forums


Hi & Merry
Christmas from the Girard’s in Anaheim Hills California


Christmas to all from the house on the hill in Hampton Bays, NY. Thanks
again! Kathy and Billy Adams.


Merry Christmas from the Dimmocks in Augusta GA. This years’ version
contains over 16,000 mini-lights, up about 15% from last years display.
We have added a 16 channel LOR system with a Ramsey FM transmitter.
Thanks for the chance to show off, we really enjoy looking at everyone’s
great displays. Hope everyone has a great 2008.




I am Derik
Thompson and I chose “New York”, as my seventh year display theme. I
have six buildings, two reaching over 70 feet. Every year there is a
different theme, in the past I have created the Disney castle, a candle,
Christmas tree, and other shapes. Future plans are European landmarks,
roller coasters, carnival rides, and cartoon figures. All my displays
are made by hand and I only use a fishing pole and rope to hang them.
Don’t Forget to stop by and see the Tallest Light Display around.


I hope you’ll mention public
access TV and maybe play a song or two. Especially, “Teleporting” or
“Snavely Claws” using these broadcast mp3’s at



The 2007 Ostrander Christmas house, located on 4495 Pine White Rd,
Hemet, CA. Just over 20,000 lights and 6 days of work. I love it, brings
joy to the season. Christmas tree and Candles are homemade using PVC
pipe and lights.

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year…..

David E.


Christmas from Orlando Florida. This is our 7th year decorating and we
add something new every year. Next year we will be going computerized.
The planning for 2008 has already begun.


I have not counted how many lights are included. I make most of the
display myself. I plan on adding more next year we are the only ones
that decorate in my neighborhood. we live in Lowell Indiana. Bill and
Cele Shoemaker


Hi, I’m
Victor from Paxton, Illinois. I’m 18 years old and I’ve been putting up
Christmas Lights myself since I was around the age of 10. Every year the
display has gotten bigger and bigger, and this year is the best yet. I
don’t go for the blow-up figures or plastic molds, nor do I care for
colored lights. All I use are clear mini-lights and a few light-up
Christmas trees. I believe the best displays are those kept clean,
elegant, and extravagant. We now have 22,000 lights on 6 independent
circuits around the house. It takes me most of November to get all of
them put up, but by Thanksgiving everyone around town is excited to see
them turned on. So here’s to all those of you who really like the
elegant look of pure white lights.


HEY! We’re the Kaprielians from New Jersey. We have about 7,000 lights
outdoors and many more inside. What you see on the lawn is pretty much
what you get, plus there are just over a thousand lights on bushes
lining the driveway that didn’t make the photo. We have music playing
and an animated Santa outside also. While we mainly focus our attention
on our Halloween display, our Christmas decorations are starting to
increase as well. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


from Midland, Texas! This is Ricky and Lucy Thames’ 2007 Christmas
display. This is my 10th year of decorating and my fifth year on Planet
Christmas. Below are a few statistics of this year’s display: Lights –
37,300; Amps – 200.46; (Animation – 136 amps peak, Static – 64.46 amps)
Installation time – 183 hours; Extension cords – 257; Length of
extension cords – 7025 feet; Watts – 24,000; Timers – 19; Three-way taps
– 42; Spotlights – 10; Strobe lights – 4; Circuits – 18; LOR units – 9
(144 channels); Cat 5E cable – 449 feet; I started putting out the
lights on October 20 and had the grand lighting November 26. New in my
display this year is 3 leaping arches, 11 more mini trees, Postcard to
Santa, 24,000 Watt Switch, Candy Cane fence and Virtual Santa in the
window which is everyone’s favorite. The lights change colors from
clear, red, green and blue. This year we had the local Soup Kitchen set
up at our house to collect donations for the needy. We have a lot of
traffic every night looking at our display and taking pictures and
video. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


This is our 14th year doing the lights. 20,000 lights plus numerous
blowmolds including 18 snowmen and 15 bears. Could not put everything
out this year due to the increase in lights. Had to tap into neighbor’s
electrical. Thanks Joan. Better next year with electrical upgrade.
Please visit us on Plymouth Drive in Iselin NJ.


hi my name is
Stella I live in Newfoundland Canada I think Christmas is the best time
of the year. Here is a picture of my house.


First I must
say I love you web site its very useful.

Please add my web site to your
link page
I will add yours to mine as well! Also here is a photo of my holiday
display I hope you can add. Thank you! I hope you and you family have A


Bill and
Patsy Bloom display of Shamokin Dam Pennsylvania. We both love the
lights of Christmas and enjoy decorating our house so others can enjoy


family. Happy holidays from Huntington Park, CA


Christmas Chuck, here is a pic for the showing off section.

Magic Christmas in Claremont, NH has over 35,000 lights and uses 80
Channels of Light-o-Rama to animate the display. The display completely
surrounds the house and visitors can walk through and enjoy the lights
and figures. Brian Mitchell


We are Mark,
Tina, and Emily (3 1/2 year old daughter) Bolt of Billings, MT. This is
our 8th year of decorating, and each year out does the previous. We’ve
added a few more lights to our house again this year to get us up over
25,000. All those lights use a whopping 202 amps. This year we’ve added
a lighted “pathway” through our yard so that people can walk through for
a closer look. People are starting to take advantage of it, and kids are
especially loving it.

Mark Bolt


I am proud to
show off my yard. Although it does not have as many lights as most
displays it has many wooden characters. All the characters in the
display are handmade and painted by me and my wife Debbie. Each year we
add at least one new figure. As you can see we have many snowmen in the
yard on one side. If you look carefully you will see a raccoon roasting
a marshmallow at the campfire. On the roof you will see Santa’s elves
hang down waiting for Santa to get on the roof with the aid of more
elves. The yard is protected by toy soldiers standing at attention.
Behind all the snowmen, the North Pole Express is on its way to the toy
shop with more toys. The toy shop is on the other side of the yard with
two elves hanging Christmas lights on it. I hope you enjoy the picture.
Eric and Debbie Jorgensen, Oakley, California


This is a Christmas Light Display in Windsor you will not believe your
eyes. it is located on 150 Melva Ct in Windsor Ca 95492 (on the east
side close to Brooks School) address not required you cannot miss it.
Look at this you tube clip. If you tune your radio to 88.1 FM you can
hear the music and see the lights dance to it using a computer program
from LightORama . Here is a you tube link or just go to type
in Gingerbread house Christmas lights look for the one that is 5 minutes
50 seconds long.



from the UK. Here is a picture of part of our display in Belton,
Norfolk, England. This year we have have sequenced the lights to music
using 32 channels of LOR. The Inflatable Santa sitting in the garden is
a great hit with the children who pass by our display on their way to
school. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.

Linda &


Dear Chuck, I
would like to submit my house for the 2007 Showing Off page of Planet
Christmas. Located in Puckett, Mississippi, I have been decorating the
outside of my home for many years. This year I reached new heights; over
20,000 lights, my first Mega Tree (27 feet to the top of the star) and
broadcasting on low power FM radio at 107.9. Merry Christmas and God’s
blessings to all and especially to those serving in the military. Rev
Larry Russell


Hello from Winfield Indiana, Home of the Schoenbeck’s – 12,000 lights
with over 50 animated window figures along with 50 homemade yard
decorations (which my wife makes), 25 blowmolds, a few inflatables and
of course a Lionel train set. This is the 14th year we have done the
decorations at this address and the 22nd year overall.


A Winter
wonderland in Southern Calif. where this house looks great daytime as
well as night. There are over 100 hand painted wooden figures in
different scenes on a “snow covered” yard to view. Then when night
falls, a synchronized light show with over 30,000 lights and 10 songs
begins. Besides the yard lights the roof is completely candy-cane
striped with 20 trees on it’s peak, with a moving train, and a 12ft Mega
tree and over 64 channels moving to music you can listen in your car.
Bob Norris, Lake Forest, Ca.


Chuck, This
is our first year using animated lighting, We chose Light-O-Rama. I
jumped into 64 channels right out of the gate, thinking about maybe add
16 more in 2008. I had to tear a lot of new stuff, where to put the
lights, how many amps will that draw, how to keep the rain from stopping
the show, It’s been a great year for this Product “Light-O-Rama” and Dan
and Company, There are #1 in my book., They are always there when you
need them the most….Thanks Dan and crew. And Also thanks to everyone in
the forum, you have all been a Blessing. Thank You All, and Have A Safe
and Merry Christmas


Lynn & Larrry Leonhardt, Texas City, Texas


John and kids

Santa please
follow our lights to our house!


Portland, ND. These are pictures of our house. Every year I have been
adding more lights, yard art, and just recently added an fm station to
broadcast music. My most favorite is my family of carolers with the
Christmas sign.

My carolers each have one of
our personalities through the clothing or hats placed on them.

[email protected]


My name is Jody Hall and we
live in Fort Mohave Az. Our current display consists of almost 50,000
lights, with 144 channel of animated lighting. With the help of
“Animated Lighting” We have one Mega tree, one medium L.E.D. tree as
well as L.E.D. arches over the driveway. Numerous arches throughout the
yard, as well as 33, mini trees plans courtesy of Planet Christmas… If
anyone interested in other plans We may have for arches or other parts
of our display feel free to contact us at

[email protected]
you. Jody Hall


Merry Christmas from Maumelle, Arkansas; just outside Little Rock. Our
display is growing each year and we are proud to be apart of the
PlanetChristmas Family. Our display is primarily static, but we plan to
add more movement to the display next season. I don’t know how many
lights we have but I know its enough to draw visitors and that’s what it
is all about; “Making Memories.” Our new addition is a curtain of 14
snow flakes on a 4 ch. chase controller to make them seem like they are
falling gracefully.


We are the
Stallcups and have been decorating for over 20 years. Our city’s theme
this year: “Snowflakes & Sleighbells.” So we have turned our Texas home
into The North Pole with mountains, fake snow & moving characters! Mr. &
Mrs. Snowman hold the 4 x 11′ welcoming scroll and a Santa’s wish list
mailbox out front. Santa coming around the mountains while rounding a
pond with a snowflake covered tree and a 8′ Santa’s workshop with elves
working and a rotating ski lift and a life-size North Pole. Two 7′ candy
canes create an arch to walk thru to get to Santa’s House. While on the
right a polar bear skis thru fresh power around a huge lake with
penguins singing while floating on icebergs and their igloo, sledding
Santa and 2,400 lights on the 11′ Christmas tree alone! Huge iced arches
lead back to a 8′ gothic church with realistic stained windows and
angles at the gates with horns. A full manger scene and 15 white and
green trees with Santa and his reindeer taking off 25′ above. With the
castle like house trimmed in lights and a huge star above leading people
to the home, it’s a sure hit, with kids and adults alike, here in
Keller, Tx. Thank you for your Cool website and for ALL the Christmas
decorators out there bringing smiles to peoples faces young & old! God
Bless You!!! Stephanie & James Stallcup


Murray Bridge
South Australia. We have been lighting up our house for about 5 years,
we change our design and add new lights every year our display is made
up of ropelights, leds and fairy lights and of course our full size
wooden Santa sleigh ( which is a former Christmas pageant float).

Our Santa
gives out lollipops to the kids, we play Christmas music while family
and friends sit outside with our display chatting to the many car loads
of people that stop to have a look at the lights or have their photo
taken with Santa in his sleigh. We usually have a drivable car lit up as
well but it got sold so we are preparing another one for 2008.


Watch this video at

. We have had
great response to our revised water display which includes 60 sway heads
on back wall and 4 whirlybird heads with side fountains at front of
display. I added one new 1HP pump and 8 channel LOR computer for these 2
new features. Unfortunately video does not do justice to this water
display as it is much more effective to see it in person. We will have
over 5000 people visit the water display this season and the comments
have been very gratifying which makes all the hard work worthwhile.
Unfortunately, we have 1 neighbor who is creating a problem for us. He
called the sheriff and complained about 300/500 cars parking on vacant
lots and riff/raff people from other side of town were coming here. The
sheriff had great response by saying,” I was here last night with my
wife to view light display, are you calling me riff/raff?” We have since
hired off duty officer to work parking problems and this has worked
well. Strange how one person can try to ruin the enjoyment of thousands
of other people. Guess you can attest to this better then most. However,
I am not giving up my display and I will keep it going as I know it is
worthwhile and gives a lot of enjoyment to many people at this very
special Christmas season. My best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas
and a happy holiday season. “Water Bill” Vanderslice


This is our display this year.
Its 80 Channels & our videos can be viewed from our website @



Hi from
Laurie, Alison, Emily, Daniel and Stephanie in Clontarf, Queensland,
Australia. Welcome to our 2007 Christmas light display. Our display has
35000 lights, with 27 static displays consisting of nearly 15000 hand
painted mini bulbs; 104 blow molds that have all been rewired to run on
12 volts. 98% of the display in low voltage (12-36 volts) and all the
bulbs are fairy lights (mini). We have run 2nd for the 3rd year in a row
in the Redcliffe Christmas light competition. We change the display each
year as we like to make a new theme each year. This year we where ask to
collect for the Mater Children Hospital and all the money raised will go
to helping little babies. My children sing Christmas carols to all the
tour buses and the money they raised they gave to the hospital. Our
display goes around 3 sides of our house and covers about 300 square
meters (1100 square feet). The photo does not show the whole display,
but I hope you like it. Merry Christmas to all. The Pritchard Family


This is my
humble lighted Christmas tree in Harbor Springs, MI.





Christmas from the Canfield house in Farmington IL! This is our last
year for our static display consisting of 9,500 lights. Next year will
add 16 channels of LOR and approx. 7,000 more lights. A sincere thank
you to everyone at PlanetChristmas and Light-O-Rama for your help and


Christmas to Southwest Michigan!! This is our 7th year of automated
lights. The first 5 years we used a DMX theatrical light board with
48-dimmer channels and Cakewalk using SMTPE time code to sequence the
lights to music. Last year we converted to Light-O-Rama with 64-channels
this year we have 80-channels of LOR and 1 X-10 channel all sequenced to
4 songs with a small FM modulator. We have over 10,000 mini-lights, 100
C9 lamps on a 30ft Mega-tree, 12 Mini-trees, 3 blowups, 3 blow molds, 2
hand made wireframes with tube lights and over 300 foot of tube light on
the house. We are already planning for more next year. The display is
located at 185 Bell Road in Niles, MI 49120. Everybody have a Merry
Christmas see you next year!



From Uncle
Roy & Aunt Pam Modisette in Longmont, Colorado


Gi’day and
Merry Christmas to all. Another from Down Under Sydney Australia. This
is our 2nd year on this site and our 4th year doing lights. Bye Till
Next Year.


Hello. This
is my house. HAPPY HOLIDAYS


Independence Louisiana. Nola and Troy Mannino. We enjoy lighting our
neighborhood and spreading the joy.

Nola Mannino


Chuck, our
display features 63,000 lights synchronized to music across 206 channels
of LOR II and 29 more channels of DMX control and includes an angel who
descends from 30′ above to play a harp with lighted strings, a choir of
angels, a faux fireworks display from the roof, fog machines, snow
machines and Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus performing the “Evolution of
Dance” live on stage in our front yard.


Holidays to you and your family. Charles and Vickie Belcher


I would like
to wish all members of Planet Christmas a very Merry Christmas, From My
family in Lockeport Nova Scotia Canada. Here is a picture of some of My
Christmas Lights.



Hello. I
found your great site in internet. I want to show you my little house in
AUSTRIA / EUROPE but don’t forget we are beginners in Austria , the
problem is that there are no shops where we can buy such nice Christmas
things. I heard that in USA there should be shops, where you can buy
Christmas things the whole year. wishes you all the best



Merry Christmas from Marty
Slack and Christmas Utah!

Marty Slack


Hi and Merry Christmas from the Capozello’s in Harlingen, TX. While
there are really not too many new lights on our display from last year
(our first), this time it only took us one week to put all the lights up
outside (last year it took a month). We moved Santa’s running lights to
the front of the house so the reindeer wouldn’t end up tangled in our
monster bouganvilla shrub. We are already planning for next year when
the driveway, garage area and four trees in the front get draped in lots
of lights. We have no idea how many lights we have at this time, but we
are planning on adapting the sets to go solar-powered so we don’t get
whammed with the usual giant electric bill.

This year and every year we dedicate our lights to Daddy Ralph and Mom
Marilyn, who loved all things Christmas, and Merlin, who thought the
light set-up was all pretty silly, but he can find us easily….


We can see
six of our neighbor’s backyards from our back yard. We decided to start
decorating the back yard in the hope our neighbors would join us. This
year two did. Pat and Jim Groble, Strongsville Ohio.


Our display
is lit entirely with 20,000 led’s and 169 channels of LightORama.

We live at
5247 Sugar Maple CT in North Las Vegas NV


Hello to
everyone around the world. I would like you to enjoy our small balcony
display. It’s located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We’ve 800 LED
lights (for the walltree), 300 minilights (for the Merry Christmas sign)
and 150 ft. lightrope for Santa and the rest. Hope you all will have a
great time this Christmas and we wish you all a very happy New Year.
Fons, Margo & Stephanie.


This is our
2007 display from snowy Maplewood, Minnesota, shot early Christmas Eve,
We continue to expand our display and have learned a great deal from you
all, here on P.C. Merry Christmas to all from Lee & Mary ( Northern


Ken Price &
Brenda Krone. ELK RIVER, MN

This is all
we could get done this year. Hopefully bigger and better next year.


Hello all, we are from Victoria, Australia. This year we have a winter
forest scene and more.



Skagit Christmas is a sparkling
display of 1000’s of lights, trees, and bright decorations set to
festive and time-honored music that will make you want to sing and dance
along with the lights.




This is my
6th year decorating the house. The house has approximately 20,000 lights
with plans on adding more in the future. Merry Christmas and Happy


Here is my home in Houston, TX.
We (My wife, brother in law & myself) make a lot of own decorations &
decorate which takes approx. 5 days. Our neighborhood of 750+ homes
lights up for what is called “Nite of Lites”. Each block has a theme,
their is a panel of judges that judge for best house, best block,
mailbox, lamp post, door & for 2008 we are going to add some new
categories. This has been a tradition for 25 plus years. The Travel
Channel featured our neighborhood in a show called “Dazzling Holiday
Lights” in 2005. We have been featured in many news broadcast & this
year I was told that the national Fox News had a broadcast that aired
nationwide & our home was featured as a “Clark Griswald” home. This was
told to us by one of the neighbors whose Mother (from out of town)
happened to be watching the news when it was broadcast. Come visit us in
2008 & share in our wonderful celebration “Prestonwood Forest Nite of
Lites” Thank you & hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas. These pics were
featured on the front page of the “Life” section of the Houston
Chronicle. The traffic in our neighborhood lines up for blocks & it is
just awesome to see so many people enjoy our displays! Hope to see you
next year & tell us you seen us on “PlanetChristmas”!!




Merry Christmas from the Donner’s. This our second year with 112 LOR
Channels and 35,000 Lights. Kids love it!! Happy Holidays! Fisherville




Here is a short video to music
showing my house in 2007. I am especially proud to have been a drop off
point for “toys for tots” and collected over 200 toys in 6 days. The
story can also be found at


Our first Christmas in our new home 2007.Cathy,Steven Mcaninch and kids.
Over 3,000 lights, next year were going for 10,000+. From Casey Co. KY.


Welcome to the home of Barry &
Judy Welch – Ocean Reef, Western Australia. This is our 5th year of
lighting up and 2nd doing a synchronized show (we have 64 channels in
use) . We live 3 blocks from the beach, have a sloping block, and being
in Australia – no snow, so cannot do the same as in the US. Our 8000
light mega tree is on the roof with another 4000 lights adding to the
synchronized show – but we have approx 100,000 in the entire yard
display. We have a double display on the roof as there is a static as
well as the light show. We manually run a show every half hour or less
as the crowds dictate – music includes Wiggles, TSO and lots of other
traditional tunes. Santa’s Grotto houses a train, village and loads of
great things for everyone to enjoy and “play” with. Santa visits every
Saturday night & on Christmas Eve and we raise funds for our children’s
hospital (Princess Margaret Hospital), as well as take food and gift
donations for the Salvation Army. $5400 so far raised for 2007 – have
lost count of the visitors, but they come from all over the world. Check
us out on

– Christmas lights on constellation. Thanks Chuck – Happy 2008 everyone!


Hello to all;;; I have just found your site;;; wish I had before
Christmas but I can may be get some advice for next year as this was our
first attempt;;;2007 I had a lot more lights and animations that I have
not added but shall next yeay;;; we live in Perth Western Australia and
had many animated items a snow machine laser lights and a piano man;;
Chookless Hoolie who was a great hit with the kids joining in and
singing all their favorite carols;;; I had collected items for my
display from all over Australia and the U.S.A. Best Wishes to You all
and a Safe and Happy New Year. 2008;;; Regards Marion.


Heather Ridge presents an indoor
Department 56 display each year.

This year we had 70 lighted buildings
and approximately 2000 pieces

of accessories. There is an O
Gauge Train with a lake and waterfall.


Our website takes visitors from the
start of the building process to the finished display. Thanks for the
opportunity to share this with others. Monte


Merry Christmas from the Vega family.


Merry Christmas from the Land
family. Were located in Newark, Delaware.



Thanks Chuck!


Buza’s Christmas Land – Binghamton, NY


Mark and Paul Buza


Hello From the Firestine residence in Buford, Ga. This is our first year
of putting up Christmas lights as there will be more lights and a huge
display’s next year. We are right at 10,900 lights total. These are all
100 strand Christmas lights, no net lights or large count lights. We
don’t ever get snow in Georgia but I figured we could still celebrate
the Christmas spirit without it. These are some photos of the house all
lite up for the holidays. Enjoy! And happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas from the Morris Family
in Yulee, Florida. This is our third year of decorating. We have 27,000


Hello and Merry
Christmas from Morgantown, West Virginia. My birthday is Christmas Day
and I have always loved Christmas. This is my first year on Planet
Christmas. I found the site in about October and visit is often to see
what others are doing. This is my second year for plywood cut outs. Last
year I made the sleigh and reindeer adding all the rest this year. I do
love the cutouts as they add color and a continuous Christmas scene and
color to the yard even in the daylight hours. My house cannot with stand
the use of a lot of amps so I went to using CFL floodlights and brought
some LED lights for this season. I have already bought more LED lights
for next year when they went on sale here December 26th and planning to
buy more as I find them. With the use of CFL floodlights and adding to
the LED lights I hope to add many more lights to the cutout display for
next year by outlining the house more and possibly a 15 foot tree using
LEDs. This year I used 10 CFL floodlights, 450 LEDs and 550 minis. I
already have bought an additional 2 more flood light holders for next
year and an additional 725 LEDs. All the best wishes to all of you for
the up coming New Year. Christine


This is our second year of going all out, well as much as the circuit
breakers could handle without an upgrade. This is our brand new home in
El Dorado Hills, CA. It took about 3 full days to put up and numerous
hours to figure out which circuits to disperse to. We will be going
fully computer animated next year. We placed 4th place in our annual
light contest. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Goodspeed’s.


Merry Christmas from Bowie Maryland. My
20th year of decorating with a different theme each year. Thousands of
lights and 14 displays fill the yard and surround the house. Due to the
length of the display (250 feet long) the lights and displays to the
left and right are not included. The system has its own dedicated 40 amp
circuit to power everything. Thanks to so many members in the showing
off section who gave me idea’s on decorating. Next years design is
already on the drawing board. I do all the work myself but it is a labor
of love. The house has won a “Best of City” decorating award for the
last two years. Happy Holidays to all.


Merry Christmas from Toronto, Ontario,
Canada. This is my first year submitting a picture. You have a great
website. We have been doing this for the last six years, adding a few
more lights every year.


Merry Christmas and Happy new Years from
Beech Grove VA. This is our second year that we have had this many
lights. In 2006 we had 15,000 lights and added about 4,000 more this
year. We have Santa on a motorcycle and have a carrousel. I am planning
for next year. I have been buying blow molds and even bought more lights
at the after Christmas sales.


Merry Christmas. This is the home of Bob & Cindi Haas. Here is our 2007
Christmas Light Display located in Gainesville Florida. This is the
first year for our “mega” tree made of 2,240 lights — I wanted to begin
small and obtain some learning experiences. The each slice has 4 colors
— red, white, blue, and green and the tree has 8 slices and was a real
hit with those passing by.


We built this display to get donations for the food pantry and the
response was awesome, over 7,000 dollars and one ton of food, there is
128 channels of law.of.or here is a link,


thanks Scott


Though small now, our display is growing
steadily each year. The tree on the left is wrapped with over 1200 mini
lights and on the upper and lower roofs there are over 1700 mini lights.
There are 500 lights on the blue bush/tree and planter, 400 on the
pillars, and 450 minis on the three windows. There is a fence on the
right, but it is hidden by the bush. Together they have 625 lights.
Grand total is… only about 5000 lights. Oh well. More next year!


Merry Christmas!

Jeromie Underhill


Merry Christmas! I have over 30,000
lights with a light show. Only 2 colors Blue and Green this makes my
house stand out in the area. I am located in Naperville, IL



Merry Christmas, from Port Moody, BC, Canada. Hayley
Vendiola has helped dad Sansen Vendiola create this 20,000 plus
white-lights display that includes castle-frames, icicle fence,
Christmas trees, and nativity scenes. Photo shows front of the house
only; displays on the side and back of the house feature several
snowmen, toy soldiers, cartoon characters, comets and stars.


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas like
us! Merry Christmas from the Hall’s in Minot ND


Greetings. By my calculations we have
over 5K lights out this year and a blow mold Nativity Scene below. We
also decorate the garage but unfortunately the garage is detached & I
don’t have a good way of taking a photo of both at one time. I took this
picture with a flash, by mistake, and it illuminated the falling snow.
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the Mika’s in Illinois…


This is my first year going
animated. I have around 9500lights. My tree is 70 x 64 sets of led
lights consisting of red green blue and white. The Star has 4 sets of 35
led lights 1 red green blue and white. I am 32channels from Animated
Lighting using there monster brain The rest of the show is 8 sets of net
lights with 4 led lights top of that 3 sets of icicle lights 3deer 1
sleigh a Merry Christmas Sign 3 spirals and another tree. 16 channels is
for the 15 foot Mega tree the other 16 channels is for the rest my
website will be

when it is up and running.


This is my first year computerizing my
Christmas lights to music with Light-O-Rama software. The house is in
Miami Lakes Florida, there is a total of 52,000 lights and 96 channels
that control them.

Merry Christmas from the Delgado Family


MERRY CHRISTMAS 2007! The Fialkowski Family from Chula Vista, CA. – Just
over 11,000 lights! This is our first year decorating our house and next
year we are adding more – A LOT MORE! Thank you to everyone for the
inspiration and keeping a tradition alive that always sparks great
memories for me! Every hour was immediately justified when people would
stop – and let you know how amazing & beautiful the lights look! We won
the Holiday Home Decorating contest for our neighborhood of Madison Lane
in Rolling Hills Ranch. Chris, Summer & Allen



display features 20,000 lights synchronized to music with 192 channels
of computerized control. At
a visitor could view the show with live streaming video and control some
of the lights with their web browser. The 2007 display was used to raise
close to $1,000 to benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Joey Smith


Hey Chuck,

Merry Christmas to all, from The Beason’s. “Christmas In Eustis” is our
colorful display from Florida. There are over 43,000 lights, 16 channels
of LOR, a stream, wireframes, and a whole lot of fun! Happy New Year to
all my PC friends! Click here for more pictures Michael B


Merry Christmas from the Jeans. This is
our third year decorating, second in this house here in North Smithfield
RI. Hoping to add LOR next year, until then have a happy New Year.


Well I had almost 7000 lights two years
ago and gave them all away or threw them out in the last two years. So
this year I started with 3,100 LED lights and hope to add another 3,000
for next year. I want to work up to about 10,000 Christmas lights for
Christmas 2009. 14,000 lights may be all this old house’s power box
could handle. Anyhow here is a picture of our home up here in Western
Canada. I hope you enjoy.



Dave, Birmingham, UK

All set up by me, a 16 year old lad and my girlfriend. Help from a
builder to reach the roof 😉 Would love to do it for charity but
location is not ideal…we get more lights each year, keep collecting
over time and it soon mounts up. All bought out of my own money too…I
just love lights! Hope you like!

For more pictures see…






Pleasant Grove, Utah – Holdman Christmas Display

This is our 2nd year doing an
animated Christmas Display and our first year raising money for a
Charity. All our visitors donated over $10,000 to the Make-A-Wish
Foundation. To see more of our display including videos, visit us at

Merry Christmas! -The Holdmans


This was my first year for running
Christmas lights using the computer. This runs off of three parallel
ports, eight circuits per port. Each circuit is synced to music using
the VIXEN software. The entire programs run about 29 minutes. I used 18
circuits and plan on at least doubling that for next year. Had a mixture
of LED lights and regular lights. I’m buying more LED lights every time
I find a good deal. I was very please, learned a lot and have started
planning next years display already.

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