The House On Christmas Street 2nd Version

“Let me tell you about this house…”

Years ago a song by Judy Pancoast became the anthem of over-the-top Christmas Decorators.  The House On Christmas Street describes a home with 47, 00 lights, Santa up on the roof, a couple of carolers singing by the lamp post opening the front door and all can be seen from Albuquerque.  Judy has been a fixture at many Christmas events and even did a world tour visiting homes singing her song live. Judy is a real assert to the decorating community.

But, the song just wasn’t getting played on the radio… but things are about to change.

Seems Judy is about to release an updated version of The House on Christmas Street.  I’ve had the pleasure of listening to it and was pleasantly surprised.  The tune is a bit lighter and more jazzy sounding than the original and is very much the toe toe tapper.  Judy says the arrangement was done by a guy named Greg Adams who was a founding member of Tower of Power and has worked with Elton John and all the biggies.  He also plays the horns on this new version of The House On Christmas Street.  I’m quite confident you’ll be impressed.

Keep an eye on Judy’s website at  If you want to get the new version of The House On Christmas Street now, the Light-O-Rama sequence store already has sequenced the new version and it’s available.




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